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3 Benefits of Using a Bonded Contractor for AC Repair & Installation

What Does Bonded Mean?

Employing a contractor that is licensed, insured, and bonded is important for both our confidence in their work as well as knowing that your home is protected. You may be unclear on what “bonded” means concerning HVAC work and any other contractor work. A bonded contractor has purchased a surety bond, which acts as insurance to protect homeowners against several things:

  • Failure to complete the contracted job
  • Failure to pay for permits
  • Failure to pay subcontractors or for materials
  • Failure to pay any other financial commitments

This bond verifies that the contractor will work in an ethical manner and compliance with state rules and regulations.

With the team of Coachella Valley HVAC experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning, you can be sure that your work and your home are protected. Our contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured and we do our best to provide work that speaks for itself so that you have confidence in trusting us with your HVAC needs.

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3 Benefits of Using a Bonded HVAC Contractor

With the trust and commitment that it requires to install a new HVAC system, new air conditioning unit, or have your home unit repairs, comes the confidence in the contractor you hire. You must feel comfortable with having the person in your home as well as with their work ethic. There are many benefits to being licensed, bonded, and insured. The biggest benefits of a bonded contractor are:

  1. Protects the contracted work’s completion. The surety bond is the insurance that the contractor will do what they say they would and complete the work they are paid for.
  2. Protects you from poor workmanship and neglect. The surety bond protects those who employ the contractor from the work not being done well and from the unethical practices of those who are not insured. It provides confidence that the contractor cares about the work they do.
  3. Protects against failure to pay. The surety bond protects the contract that the person or company you employ will pay for materials, permits, subcontractors, etc.

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When you need to be sure that your HVAC runs efficiently and runs well, you need installers and repair work that you trust. Earl’s Air Conditioning is licensed, bonded, and insured so that you know that your Coachella Valley property is in good hands with our team. We will keep your home cool, or hot, with installation, maintenance, and repairs for HVAC systems in Coachella Valley.

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