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Installing a new air conditioning system requires research, confidence, and the desire to move forward in technology and innovation. The La Quinta AC experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning value integrity, quality, and workmanship and have the reputation to prove it. When you’ve decided to upgrade your HVAC, we can help you find an efficient system, provide proper installation, and have the confidence that your home will be comfortable and safe.

Contact Earl’s Air Conditioning for a free quote for your home or business space in La Quinta. Whether you live in the La Quinta Cove or anywhere else, we are here to help!

Know When to Install: Be Proactive with HVAC Decisions

Whether you prefer to hold off to the last minute or you been surprised with an HVAC malfunction, the installation of a new AC unit and system is a big purchase. The benefits of a new system are abundant, and there is even more to being proactive with your purchase. If it is possible to plan, rather than install when your current system is “terminal”, you will have the upper hand and be able to make a better-informed choice.

New systems are energy efficient and offer possible rebates or incentives. The efficiency of your system indicated by the SEER rating. This rating can help you know how much money and energy you are saving compared to older units. Energy efficiency equates to lower environmental impact, meaning you’ll be doing the earth a favor by installing a new HVAC system.

Along with savings from efficiency, you will save on maintenance. As units age, they require more maintenance and repairs, often adding up to costs higher than a new system. New systems also are built to protect the environment from leaking freon, which is bad for your health as well as the earth. (Freon leaks should always be handled by a trained professional.)

Which HVAC System is Best for Your La Quinta Home or Business?

Air Conditioning systems are not one size fits all. Your home or business space is unique and there are many different options to choose from concerning HVAC. Our La Quinta HVAC technicians will speak with you and help you determine which type of system will fit your needs based on your current home conditions, your budget, and your family’s needs. You can choose from several options including:

  • Central Unit: These are cost-efficient, with a stationary unit installed on the side of your home, ducts running through the interior of your home, and whole structure air distribution.
  • Package Unit: These units are similar to central AC units but the ductwork is installed on the roof of the property rather than throughout the interior walls and ceiling.
  • Window Unit: Window units are ideal for small spaces and are affordable, efficient and can plug into a standard outlet.
  • Ductless mini-split: This type of system is great for homes that are not able to accommodate ductwork or if you would prefer room by room temperature control.
  • Commercial AC Units: This is the best option for large spaces, either business or personal, and are created for areas that need industrial-strength cooling options.

Thermostat Options for Customized Temperature Control

Once you’ve installed a new AC system, it is time to decide how you will control it. There are several options for thermostats for your new AC:

  • Digital thermostats are more accurate than traditional manual temperature control, allowing you to specify the exact temperature you choose.
  • WiFi thermostats use the internet or your smartphone data plan to connect from anywhere you are, so you can set your HVAC system to work when you are home or away.
  • Smart thermostats learn your daily temperature control habits and will adjust themselves to meet your needs.

La Quinta AC Installation with Earl’s Air Conditioning

Save money and energy with a new, SEER rated HVAC system and reap the many benefits that come with it. Your home and your family can be comfortable while saving money and doing good for the environment. Let our team of AC experts help you choose a system that works perfectly with your home’s conditions while keeping your budget in mind.

Find the peace of mind that comes with a new AC system with help from the reliable team at Earl’s Air Conditioning. Call our La Quinta installation experts today for a free quote.


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