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Effective and Safe Air Duct Cleaning in the Coachella Valley

Did you know that as much as 40 pounds of dust is created every year in a standard six-room home? That’s right—and many of us are living in it without even knowing. At Earl’s Air Conditioning, our team is ready to help your family live more comfortably and safely! Let our Coachella Valley air duct cleaners protect you from harmful allergens and other contaminants.

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The Importance of Having Clean Air Ducts

Having clean air ducts translates to better indoor air quality. Ensuring air ducts are clear of harmful fungi, mold, bacteria, and dusts means your home, family, guests, or employees are safe and free of airborne contaminants when inside you home or businesses. Using the Rotobrush air duct cleaning equipment, our team at Earl’s Air Conditioning significantly improves the quality of your home or business’ indoor air.

How Does a Rotobrush Air Duct Cleaner Work?

The Rotobrush air duct cleaners remove heavy build up within duct systems by using a brush and vacuum component simultaneously. The brush is inserted into the air duct and rotates at high RPMs to break down the buildup on the wall surfaces while a vacuum component runs simultaneously to capture the debris before it escapes into the open spaces of your home or business. Due to its specially designed, compact size, the Rotobrush is able to clean hard-to-reach places effectively and safely.

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At Earl’s Air Conditioning, our goal is to protect the safety and health of our customers, and to do that, we provide top-tier services that guarantee results. If you’re looking for another way to protect those you love most from harmful airborne pollutants, get in touch with our team!

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