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The Benefits of a Rotobrush Service

How Earl’s Air Conditioning Improves Air Quality with Rotobrush Services Rotobrush technology improves indoor air quality, improves energy efficiency, and helps maintain the comfort of your home. It helps your family members or friends breathe easier in your home, reducing allergens and asthma-inducing contaminants in the air, using the HEPA vacuum included in the Rotobrush system. … Continued

IID Rebates for HVAC System Components: How It Works

Earn Rebates for New Installation of Heating, Air Conditioning, and Thermostats If you install a new HVAC system, mini split, electric heater, or thermostat, you can earn rebates with IID. The Coachella Valley heating and air conditioner installers at Earl’s Air Conditioning can help you find energy-friendly HVAC options that qualify for rebates while providing expert installation and service. Our dedicated … Continued

6 Reasons to Choose a Mini Split Pump Over Traditional HVAC System

Split Pump Heating and Cooling Versus Traditional HVAC Options There are plenty of reasons why many new home and business owners are choosing to install mini split heating and air conditioning systems rather than the traditional HVAC ducted systems of the past. Whether needing more temperature flexibility or wanting to conserve energy, a split pump … Continued

8 Qualities of a Good HVAC Company

Qualities to Look for in a Trustworthy, Reliable Coachella Valley HVAC Company Selecting an HVAC company takes careful consideration, knowing that once you find one, it may become a trusted service company you can call for decades. The contributing factors determining a heating and air conditioning company’s success are the same qualities that make it … Continued

Should You Repair or Replace Your HVAC System?

Coachella Valley HVAC Repairs and Replacements Weighing the pros and cons of repairing or replacing your HVAC system is something all homeowners face during their lifetime. Though a repair is typically less expensive upfront and may last a season or longer, a replacement can help save money in the long run and bring peace of … Continued

7 Most Common Furnace Problems

Understanding Common Heater Issues in your Coachella Valley Home or Office As cold weather approaches, you may be getting ready to switch your thermostat from air conditioning to heating. But is your heater ready for the winter temperatures? Understanding what is working and what may be problematic can help you remedy problems quickly. Luckily, residential … Continued

Is Winter the Best Time of Year to Replace My AC?

Replacing Your AC in the Off-Season with Earl’s Air Conditioning Although the best time of year to replace your AC system used to be springtime, this is no longer the case. With supply chain changes, delays, shortages, and ever-increasing inflation, the timeline for HVAC installation and product availability changes. Replacing your air conditioner in winter … Continued

How Do Heat Pump Systems Work?

Heat Your Home Efficiently with a Heat Pump System in the Coachella Valley Your heat pump system uses very similar technology to what your refrigerator uses. It extracts heat from a source such as the indoor or outdoor air. It then transfers the heat to where it is needed. This process makes heat pump systems … Continued

Heater and Home Tips for Cold Weather Preparation

Get Ready for Winter with Earl’s Air Conditioning When the temperature shows signs of changing, it is time to start preparing your home for winter and the holidays. This may involve getting down some fall décor or doing holiday party prep, but it also includes getting your home ready for cold weather. Your HVAC system … Continued

FAQs About AC Duct Cleaning and Sealing

The Experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning Answer Your Duct Cleaning Questions Before we get into some frequently asked questions about duct cleaning and sealing, it helps to know what duct cleaning is. Duct cleaning is the process of clearing your HVAC ducts of dirt, dust, debris, and airborne contaminants. Duct cleaning is a service we … Continued

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