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Earl’s Air Conditioning offers top tier HVAC services in Palm Springs and the surrounding areas. In fact, we only install units that last over 10 years, earning long-term customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in being a long-time staple in the Coachella Valley, and provide ongoing services that will outlast your outdated air conditioning units. With our knowledgeable expertise, you can count on us to select and install the AC unit in Palm Springs that is best for your home or business.

You can count on an integrity-based, customer-centered service model that will give you years of longevity when it comes to HVAC installation and maintenance with Earl’s Air Conditioning in Palm Springs. No matter your HVAC needs, we are here to help!

For the most reputable HVAC services, call Earl’s Air Conditioning in Palm Springs to receive a free quote and discuss your personal AC needs!

Why It’s Probably Time to Update or Replace an AC in Palm Springs

Most people tend to wait until they are suffering through the unbearable Coachella Valley heat before even considering replacing their air conditioning unit. But you don’t need to endure ongoing discomfort while your outdated unit sucks up energy and your money. Instead of waiting until your AC unit is not functioning, there are many benefits to proactively choosing to update your cooling system.

  • The environmental impact of using an outdated AC unit may surprise you. In addition to being an energy-sucker, an older unit in need of repair may be leaking freon. While all AC units use freon, when this substance leaks, it becomes dangerous to your health and damages to the ozone layer. Remember, however, that only a trained professional should analyze and handle this issue.
  • As with all technology, the older an AC unit becomes, the more maintenance it requires. This causes you a headache along with the depletion of your hard-earned money. Some older units require more costly repairs than others, and often it is not worth the trouble to maintain an air conditioning system that is not working properly. Rather than continuing the cycle, updating your AC unit will save you money and trouble.
  • We are proud to only install the most valuable energy-efficient air conditioning systems on the market. With our utilization of SEER ratings in all our AC systems, you will know exactly how efficient your AC unit is running.

With Earl’s Air Conditioning, You’ve Got Choices in Palm Springs

There are a ton of different options when it comes to HVAC systems, and we know that not every choice may be the best for the unique needs of your home or business. That is why at Earl’s Air Conditioning, our Palm Springs HVAC experts take the time to assess and analyze what AC system will work the best for your home or office in terms of efficiency, budget, and conditions.

For air conditioning in Palm Springs, the choice is yours:

  • Central Unit vs. Package Unit: The two most common choices of AC systems. The Central Unit and the Package Unit both are systems installed on the outside of the building, and utilize energy-efficient ductwork to distribute air. The difference is central units integrate that ductwork on the interior of the building, while a package unit’s ductwork is external.
  • Window Unit vs. Ductless Mini-Split Unit: Both ductless options for buildings or spaces that cannot accommodate the use of air ducts. Window units are great for semi-permanent, easy-to-use cooling of smaller spaces, while ductless mini-splits are sleek, efficient, and overall ideal for spaces that may need a different approach than window installation.
  • Commercial Unit: Specifically for large businesses and commercial properties, HVAC commercial units have the power and efficiency needed to cool these spaces.

What About Thermostat Options?

The team at Earl’s Air Conditioning wants you to not only choose the right HVAC system for you, but to choose the correct thermostat control for your lifestyle needs. Whether you need a digital thermostat for precision and accurate temperature control, a wi-fi thermostat that allows temperature control when you are not in the building, or a smart thermostat that learns the preferences and habits of the space’s needs on its own, Earl’s AC can help you make the right choice on all fronts.

Let Our Palm Springs AC Installation Team Keep You Cool While Saving You Money!

We want you to be comfortable with an efficient AC system that works for you. Whether you have a complicated structural hurdle or a small budget, there is no problem that our expert team can’t address. We want to provide you with the knowledge, decision-making advocacy, and workmanship you deserve when it comes to AC services in Palm Springs. From initial assessment to installation, and ongoing repair and maintenance, our reliability speaks from decades of consumer confidence and a reputation for keeping Palm Springs comfortable.

Don’t hesitate—call Earl’s Air Conditioning today and save money while enjoying the comfort of an AC system that works for you!

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