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With over 60 years of business experience in the Coachella Valley area, our team is here to help you find the perfect fit for your home’s HVAC needs. We take pride in working with integrity, quality, and reliable workmanship. The experts on our team can help you determine what system will work in your home and with your budget. Trust us with confidence that we will uphold our reputation for integrity, quality, and workmanship.

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Energy Efficiency, Smaller Environmental Footprint, Lower Maintenance Costs

Learning about the benefits of installing a new system before your old one takes its last breath will help you to see that being proactive has its advantages. There are three main reasons why a new AC system is a good choice: energy efficiency, less environmental impact, and lower maintenance costs.

  • A SEER rating lets us know the rating of efficiency of the new units we install so that you can know how much energy you’ll be saving; translating to savings in monthly bills and long-term maintenance.
  • The environmental impact of older units includes possible freon leaks, which are bad for the environment and your health. Saving your home from potential freon leaks as well as increasing its energy-efficiency means you are doing a big part to reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Lower maintenance costs and less need for repairs will help keep money in your pocket. As older units age, they need more maintenance and repairs more often, these will eventually outweigh the costs of installing a new system.

As you determine the best way to move forward with Rancho Mirage AC repairs to an old unit or the installation of a new one, it pays to know how beneficial it is to make the step before you are forced to. Installing a new AC unit before your old one is “terminal” is a great way to jump on savings and get your home up to date with technology and efficiency.

Choosing Your New AC System for your Rancho Mirage Home or Business

Several factors will determine what type of system you choose for your property: your budget, your household needs, and the current conditions of your home in Rancho Mirage. Our team at Earl’s Air Conditioning understands that air conditioning needs are not one size fits all.

We can help you choose between several types of units, including:

  • Central Unit: A central unit is cost-efficient and one of the most common types of air conditioning systems. This type of unit is typically installed on the side of your structure and ductwork is installed throughout the interior of your home or office.
  • Package Unit: These are similar to central units but the ductwork is located on the roof of the structure rather than the interior.
  • Ductless Mini-Split Unit: This is a perfect option for when your structure is not able to accommodate ductwork and these systems allow for individual room temperature control.
  • Window Unit: Window units are perfect for small spaces, can plug into a standard outlet, and are an affordable solution to AC needs.
  • Commercial Unit: Large spaces including warehouses and office buildings may necessitate a commercial AC unit.

Thermostats for Your New Rancho Mirage AC System

When it comes to controlling the systems in your house, you have options. Whether you want to be able to make changes to the temperatures to each room while away or you want precision control without having to do a thing, we can help.

There are three common types of thermostats that we can install with your new AC system:

  • Digital: These are a more accurate upgrade from the older manual thermostats of the past. They allow you to choose the exact temperature of your home with no room for questions and can be programmed.
  • WiFi: A wifi thermostat allows you to make changes to the temperature of your home from your smartphone or cellular device, whether you are home or not.
  • Smart: a Smart thermostat stores data over time, learning your daily habits, and eventually adjusting the temperature to your schedule without the need for manual manipulation.

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Don’t wait until it is too late. Let our team help you choose an air conditioning system and thermostat that will benefit your home and your budget. It pays to plan and work proactively to keep your house cool before your old, outdated system falls apart. Let the HVAC experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning bring your home’s cooling system into the future.

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