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At Earl’s AC, our integrity is communicated through our workmanship. Serving the Coachella Valley for over 60 years, we know the importance of having a quality air conditioning service. That’s why we only provide the most up to date, energy-efficient products and guaranteed dependable services to keep your home or business cool for years to come.

Whether your existing air conditioning system needs repair or you’re looking to install a totally new air conditioning unit, our professional HVAC team will help you make the right decision that works for your home or business.

Don’t suffer from a dysfunctional air conditioner—save money and enjoy comfort by calling Earl’s Air Conditioning in Desert Hot Springs today!

You Have Choices with Earl’s Air Conditioning in Desert Hot Springs

We know that choosing the right HVAC system can be complicated. Thankfully, our expert team at Earl’s AC will provide insight into selecting the perfect energy-efficient air conditioning in Desert Hot Springs to alleviate your concerns and most importantly, save you money.

Whether it is budget concerns, structural limitations, or functionality needs, there is an air conditioning system that will fit the specific needs of your home or business. Overall, there are five categories of air conditioning units to choose from:

  1. Window Units: A common alternative for smaller, personal spaces, a window unit is installed directly in your window and utilizes a standard electrical outlet.
  2. Ductless Mini-Split Units: For something between window unit and central unit, a ductless mini-split is the perfect option for structurally limited spaces that cannot utilize ductwork, but for those that may not want or cannot accommodate a window unit.
  3. Central Units: These are the most common AC units and are easy to use, understand, and maintain. Central units are installed on the outside of the building and utilize internal ductwork to distribute air.
  4. Package Units: The only difference between central and package units is that package units utilize external ductwork—an excellent alternative for structures that cannot accommodate the installation of internal ducting.
  5. Commercial Units: This is your HVAC option for large, commercial workspaces. There are a variety of cost-effective, energy efficient options in this category!

Modern AC Thermostats

With the choice of air conditioning unit comes another set of options for your thermostat control setup. Like your AC system, this choice is dependent on your personal needs and preferences. We will help guide you when selecting the right thermostat for you. These options include:

  • Smart Thermostats: The most innovative temperature control to date! Smart thermostats actually learn the daily routines and habits of those using the space, intuitively adjusting temperature automatically to provide a comfortable environment without effort or worry.
  • Wi-Fi Thermostats: This option allows 24/7 control of the space, no matter where you are. All you need is a smart device and an internet connection to control the temperature of your space!
  • Digital Thermostats: Similar to manual thermostats of old systems, digital thermostats allow that hands-on temperature control that you may be used to, but with precision and accuracy like never before.

When is it Time to Install a New AC System?

You may think you don’t yet need a new air conditioner, but at Earl’s AC, we recommend being proactive to save yourself money and potential hassles. We proudly include a SEER rating with all of our AC installations, which allow you to understand the functionality of your unit.

There are several factors that contribute to needing an entirely new air conditioning system in Desert Hot Springs:

  • Maintenance issues: like anything mechanical, maintenance eventually becomes an ongoing issue that requires an endless pipeline of financial burden. Luckily, AC systems have improved dramatically, and updating your outdated unit before your monetary commitment becomes cumbersome can change your life! We want to install a dependable, long-lasting air conditioning unit that will provide you will several years of stress-free comfort.
  • Environmental harm: all air conditioning systems use freon to cool the distributed air, however, as time wears a unit’s functionality, the possibility of leaking freon increases. Leaking freon causes great harm to the ozone layer and does major environmental damage—and you may not even realize it is happening. Only a professional should fix this issue for you.
  • Potential health hazards: In additional to environmental concerns, leaking freon is also damaging to you and your family’s health, with the potential to harm your lungs when inhaling contaminated distributed air. Don’t let this happen to you—if you suspect leaking freon in an outdated system, call our HVAC team immediately.
  • Energy efficiency: overall, outdated systems are simply inefficient. Instead of suffering through the discomfort of a low-functioning AC unit, we want to install a new, energy-efficient AC system that functions optimally for years to come.

Take Care of Yourself with Earl’s Air Conditioning in Desert Hot Springs

We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction above all else at Earl’s AC. When it comes to air conditioning installation in Desert Hot Springs, look no further than our expert team of customer service professionals. From your initial call to follow-up maintenance throughout the years after installation, we guarantee to provide only the most quality of services and products.

We are here for you! Call Earl’s Air Conditioning in Desert Hot Springs today and improve your quality of life.

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