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4 Reasons to Change Your Air Filters in Colder Months

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As the weather changes in the Coachella Valley, so do the workings of your HVAC system. From running the air conditioner to switching on the heater, you want to be confident your system runs well. You also want to know that your air is clean, and your energy bill is as low as possible. At Earl’s Air Conditioning, we can help to ensure all functions well, while helping you learn about your part. Do your part by changing your air filter because of the reasons we list below.

Call Earl’s Air Conditioning for help with your Coachella Valley home’s HVAC system all year round. We are here to keep you cool or warm and ensure your HVAC system runs well.

4 Main Reasons to Change Your Air Filters

You may wonder if your filter truly needs to be changed when you are not running your AC, but it gets just as much use when you switch to your furnace. Read on to learn why it is critical to replace your HVAC air filter routinely.

  1. Remove accumulated Dust and Dirt: As furnaces run for the first time since last winter, you realize how much dirt and dust has accumulated in your filters and throughout the system. Dirt and dust clog filters faster in winter than during warmer months, making it harder for the air to pass through. As this happens, the HVAC system works harder to push the air and must run longer, causing potential damage and overworking your furnace. Cleaning and replacing air filters allow the system to clear out the accumulated dust and dirt and keep the air moving evenly and efficiently.
  2. Improve indoor air quality: A clean air filter helps to decrease dirt, mold, allergens, spores, dust, and pet dander in the air by trapping them in the filter. Replacing your air filter regularly helps to ensure that most allergens and particles possible are trapped, especially if you use a high MERV-rated filter. The better the filter is rated, the less “dirty” your air will be.
  3. Lower energy bills: Making sure that your furnace and HVAC system runs efficiently relies partly on how easy it is to push the air through to your home’s rooms. A clean, fresh air filter will help your HVAC system run smoothly while a dirty filter causes the system to need to run longer, work harder, and draw more energy. This will cost you much more in the long run than it costs to replace your air filter.
  4. Keep temperatures even: With regularly replaced air filters, your air will flow evenly and strongly. Efficient airflow helps to ensure your home stays at an even temperature while using energy efficiently. Keep your rooms warm all winter without the struggle with clean, regularly replaced air filters.

Give Your HVAC System a Winter Checkup with Earl’s AC

Don’t risk going into the winter months with an HVAC system that is not in top shape. The Coachella Valley HVAC professionals at Earl’s Air Conditioners can inspect and do routine maintenance for your system so that you can rest easy with a “healthy” heating and air conditioning system. With regular maintenance and regular air filter changes, your home will stay comfortable, and your air will stay clean.

Leave your HVAC system in the hands of experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning in the Coachella Valley. Call us today to make an appointment or discuss how we can help your HVAC run efficiently all year long.


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