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4 Recent Advancements in HVAC Technology

Benefiting from HVAC Technology in the Coachella Valley 

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems – better known as “HVAC” systems – have been improving our quality of life for over a century. Credited to Willis Carrier in 1902, the modern “air conditioner” is basically no different from its earliest predecessor in terms of design and functionality. However, thanks to huge leaps in scientific research and development, there are new advancements in HVAC technology that make keeping your home at the perfect temperature a breeze.

Read on to learn about some of these advancements, and how they can benefit you and your energy bill each month. When you’re ready to make some changes, or even if you just have some questions, call the experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning. We can help you find the right equipment, install it, and periodically maintain it, so that you can stay comfortable year-round in the beautiful Coachella Valley.

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Smart Home Technology

In 2011, a company called Nest unveiled the first ever “smart” thermostat to the public. These thermostats allow customers to monitor and change temperatures from their phones, provide data and use statistics to help increase energy use and efficiency, and can be set to run on scheduled days or at scheduled times. Since 2011, the smart home market has exploded in growth, with thermostats being just the tip of the iceberg. In 2016, smart vents were put on the market for consumers. The idea behind a smart vent is that it allows the customer to monitor the air output and flow to a specific room, which then provides the ability to adjust or completely close the vent and the airflow – and all of this is done from your phone or tablet.

Room-By-Room Zoning

The Coachella Valley is known for its sunny skies and huge homes, our snowbirds, and our celebrities. However, those sunny skies can wreak havoc on an improperly set-up HVAC systems. One side of the house gets only shade, one side gets only sun, and you’re stuck in the middle with a home that’s hard to heat or cool properly. Thankfully, some modern HVAC systems now offer room-by-room zoning; this means that each separate “zone” of your house has its own thermostats and ductwork, meaning you have more precise control over the environment of each room in your house. Room-by-room zoning is available with installation of ductless mini-split systems. This allows you to heat and cool more efficiently, thereby saving you money in the long run.

Phasing Out of the R-22 Refrigerant

All HVAC systems will use something called a “refrigerant” to make sure that the coils used in the cooling system receive adequately low temperatures to ensure the cooling of the surrounding area. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has overseen regulation on these chemicals for decades, and as a result, a list has been compiled of harmful and dangerous refrigerants that need to be phased out. The most worrisome refrigerant on the EPA’s list is called R-22 and was commonplace for most HVAC systems up until 2010. In 2010, the EPA released a report, stating that R-22 has the potential to deal serious, lasting damage to the ozone layer.

As of 2020, the previously well-spread R-22 refrigerant is no longer allowed to be used, and any systems that still use it are required to convert to a system that can process a less serious refrigerant, such as R-32.

Non-Vapor Compression

Current HVAC systems cool and heat your home using a technology called “vapor compression.” Essentially, the coil system in your HVAC unit is a closed loop, where the refrigerant (like R-32) is compressed and cycled repeatedly over the coils, either taking in or expelling heat, depending on what’s required by the HVAC unit and the customer. However, these refrigerants can be extremely harmful to the environment and can lead to serious consequences for our health and the health of the planet.

A new form of compression, called non-vapor compression, is on the horizon; this “new” form still uses a refrigerant, but it’s not an exotic chemical – it’s ordinary, everyday water. By cycling the water in the same way a normal refrigerant is used, the HVAC unit is able to perform its duties, without causing more damage to the environment and the ozone layer, even at its maximum efficiency.

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