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4 Ways Your HVAC System Can Help Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

Using Your HVAC System to Fight Allergens in Your Home

This time of the year welcomes the changing of the seasons, with blooming plants, pollen, and the allergies that go with it. Not only do seasonal allergies hit hard this time of year, but dust, dirt, pollen, and dander within your home can worsen allergy symptoms. Luckily, you can use your HVAC system to your advantage, helping control your allergies and reduce symptoms from allergens in your home.

At Earl’s Air Conditioning, we care about our customers and understand that seasonal and year-round allergies can be frustrating and uncomfortable. We can help you ensure your HVAC isn’t worsening your allergies and instead, helping to clean the air in your home.

Call Earl’s Air Conditioning today for help with new air filters, improved HVAC airflow, and upgrades to your system. Our Coachella Valley HVAC experts can help you breathe easier!

Alleviating Allergies with Help from Your HVAC System

With maintenance, upgrades, and attention to your heating and air conditioning systems, you can use your HVAC system airflow to manage your allergies.

  1. Air filters. The MERV scale, minimum efficiency reporting value scale, rates HVAC filter weaves. It determines the ease with which particles move through the filter. A filter rated 6 to 13 will be better able to remove airborne particles than filters rated below 6. Replace your filters every 1-3 months to prevent clogging and maintain maximum benefits.
  2. Whole house air purifier. Using a whole-house air purifier is much more efficient than a traditional filter or a stand-alone air purifier. These systems can remove up to 99.98% of particles down to 0.1 microns. (Be aware that a small percentage of people may be sensitive to the ozone created by whole-house air purifiers when considering installing this system in your home.)
  3. Whole house humidifier. Low-humidity environments have fewer airborne water droplets, allowing more allergens and germs to spread through the air. In addition, you are more susceptible to illness, viruses, and bacteria when your nasal passages are dry. A whole-house humidifier works in unison with your HVAC system to create your ideal indoor humidity. Higher humidity will help reduce susceptibility to allergens and colds while helping fight cracked skin, dry nostrils, and chapped lips.
  4. Spring cleaning. A dust-free home helps reduce airborne particles. Vacuuming, dusting, and keeping your upholstery clean reduces risk of dust, dirt, and dander from circling through the air in your home. Part of spring cleaning should be dusting your vents and returns, reducing the number of allergens that circle through your HVAC system.

Cleaner Air in Your Coachella Valley Home with Help from Earl’s Air Conditioning

Whether you want to upgrade your air filters or schedule a duct cleaning, Earl’s Air Conditioning is here to help. Our Coachella Valley HVAC professionals can help you breathe easier at home, even when seasonal allergies are at their worst. Let us help your HVAC system do more than keep your home’s temperature comfortable.

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