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5 Tips for Transitioning Your HVAC System from Heat to Cool

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Your heater and air conditioner share components including the thermostat, air filters, fan, and ductwork. As we transition from using our heater to our air conditioner, there are components to check and ways to prepare for the switch.

One way to get your home ready for summer is to have an inspection and routine maintenance performed by Earl’s Air Conditioning. Our Coachella Valley HVAC experts can make sure your home is comfortable all year round with new installation, repairs to existing systems, or regular maintenance.

Call Earl’s Air Conditioning today to schedule an inspection and maintenance before the summer heat hits.

5 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System

When you’re ready to switch your HVAC system to air conditioning, prepare with the tips below:

  1. Check your energy source. The source of heat for your system is often gas while the air conditioner runs on electricity. When you are preparing for summer, check the safety and security of energy sources so that your system is connected properly.
  2. Ventilation. Open your windows and doors to air out your home and help improve air quality after a long winter with the house locked down. Airing out the house, especially in the morning, helps the home regulate temperature naturally. Open your windows to let fresh, cool air in, and be sure to close them up when you turn on your air conditioner so the cooled air is not lost.
  3. Clean your air vents. Don’t neglect cleaning your vents and changing air filters. This will ensure that the air flowing in and out is clean. Clean vents and new air filters reduce the dust that is circulated throughout the home, limiting the allergens as well. Changing your filters also helps to keep your system running in optimal condition while maintaining indoor air quality.
  4. Maintenance. Call a member of our team at Earl’s Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment for routine maintenance and inspection of your HVAC system to make sure it is running well and has no potential issues.
  5. Protection. For your HVAC system to work well and last a long time, it helps to keep it protected. Make sure that no components are blocked or clogged with debris, leaves, or objects. If you can, it also helps to protect your outdoor unit from the elements with a shelter or covering to shield it from the elements.

Get Ready for the Heat with Earl’s Air Conditioning

The HVAC professionals at Earl’s Air Conditioning work and live in the Coachella Valley, and we understand that when the summer months hit, the heat rises. Keeping your HVAC system running smoothly is crucial to staying comfortable at home. Let our team help you feel confident in your home’s heating and cooling system.

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