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5 Ways to Save on Electricity During the Warm Summer Months

Welcome to the dog days of summer, when it feels like there is no end in sight to the oppressive heat of the low desert! This feeling can compound with the stress of spiking electricity bills and strained HVAC systems as we run our air conditioning units more often. At Earl’s Air Conditioning in Coachella Valley, we want you to stay both comfortable and unstressed. Here are our 5 top tips to save on electricity in Coachella Valley during these last few months of summer:

1.   Adjust Your Thermostat

Studies have shown that for every 1 degree you adjust the temperature control of your home, you save approximately 1% of energy. Depending on your average utility bill, adjusting your temperature from chilly to a comfortable cool just by five degrees can save you a noticeable about of savings on your electricity bill. You can also adjust your thermostat when you are out of the house or while you are sleeping, which could lead to a 10% energy cost savings. The good news is, even as the hot summer days will linger for some time, we can look forward to cooler desert nights as autumn approaches, allowing your home time to cool off while you save energy.

2.   Utilize Your Windows and Doors Properly

Window coverings are perhaps the simplest investment you can make to keep your house naturally cool and less dependent on your air conditioning system in Coachella Valley. Shutters are one of the best ways to reduce heat coming in from your windows—but keep in mind, these wooden installations are a permanent investment. A great alternative are cellular shades, which are the most energy-efficient window coverings on the market and use honeycomb shaped cell pockets to trap hot air around your windows. If you aren’t looking to redecorate, even just multi-layered medium-colored drapes or even fabric coverings can make a huge difference in internal temperature.

Keeping windows and doors shut as much as possible is also important in maintaining a cave-cool environment. Locking your windows and doors creates a better seal as well, which helps keep cool air in. If you are in an older building, you may consider weatherproofing these seals around your windows and under doors to maximize cool temperature stability in your home.

3.   Only Cool the Rooms You’re Using

If your central air conditioning system includes unused or rarely used rooms such as the basement or guest rooms, you can simply close the vents in these areas to save the energy it takes to cool more square footage. If you have a window unit, close the doors to rooms not being cooled by that unit. Ceiling fans will also help to circulate cool air and optimize energy being used by whatever kind of air conditioning unit system you are using.

Pro-tip with air vents: make sure these are not obstructed with furniture! Blocked air vents cause HVAC systems to work harder to push cool air through the system.

4.   Check Your Filter

Luckily, you do not need to call a professional to change or clean the filter on most air conditioning unit systems. While it may be a chore, it is a very quick and low-cost way to maintain your air conditioning system’s functionality. During high-use months such as summer, you should actually be changing your filter every month. If you are unsure how to locate your air filter, which air filter to purchase as a replacement, or how to change this yourself, a quick phone call to your HVAC specialist can help.

On that note, checking and cleaning your air vents can also assist in the efficiency of cool air being pushed through by your air conditioning unit. In high-trafficked rooms—or especially if you have pets—dust, hair, and debris in dirty vents and airways can block airflow.

5.   Maintain Your HVAC System

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, following a regular maintenance schedule can save 5-10% in energy costs. By staying on top of seasonal maintenance, your HVAC system will run optimally and efficiently. A tune up by a professional technician will also cut your chances of a blown-out system—not an issue you want to have in the middle of a late-summer heatwave! At Earl’s Air Conditioning, we recommend bi-annual checkups, ideally with one scheduled at the end of summer.

You may also consider replacing an old, outdated, or malfunctioning HVAC system altogether. A newer, more efficient air conditioning system is an investment that will help save you on your monthly energy bill for years to come, as well as potential major repair issues as higher temperatures cause more strain on older systems. At Earl’s Air Conditioning, our experts can help you weigh your options with energy efficient replacement air conditioning systems in Coachella Valley that are right for you.

Stay cool while saving money this summer! Call Earl’s Air Conditioning in Coachella Valley for all your HVAC questions and concerns, or for a free quote on any service!

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