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6 Reasons to Schedule Air Duct Cleaning in Summer

Coachella Valley Air Duct Cleaning Services with Earl’s AC

Although your HVAC system may be getting a lot of use to keep your home cool during the summer months, that doesn’t give you a reason to neglect cleaning services. Summertime is a great time to schedule air duct cleaning services with a member of the team at Earl’s Air Conditioning.

Our Coachella Valley HVAC technicians at Earl’s Air Conditioning can help make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently, your air is as clean as it can be, and you are enjoying the comforts of your home year-round. An air duct cleaning service helps do all these things and more.

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6 Reasons to Clean Your HVAC Air Ducts Today!

If you are on the fence about air duct cleaning and its importance in your HVAC function, the reasons listed below may help you decide. Air duct cleaning services help to improve the function, efficiency, and quality of air within your HVAC system.

Six reasons why you may need to schedule an air duct cleaning appointment include:

  1. A recent remodel. Remodeling, renovating, and adding to your home can create a lot of dust. This dust includes particles of drywall, wood, and other construction-related materials that accumulate in your air ducts and can clog filters and compromise the quality of your home’s air. Air duct cleaning can help to clear out construction debris and improve your home’s air quality.
  2. You have mold concerns. If your family is experiencing mold exposure symptoms, air duct cleaning can remove any existing mold from within the ducts. Be sure to test and treat for mold at the source so you don’t risk mold returning and regrowing after your cleaning.
  3. You have a pest problem. Rodents, cockroaches, and other insects can cause serious damage to your home, including making their way into your duct system. Not only are these pests in the system components, but their droppings, byproducts, and the damages they cause all compromise your system efficiency. What pests leave in their wake are poor air quality, lung irritants, and allergens.
  4. Pet hair and dander. If you have furry pets, especially shedding breeds, pet hair, and dander have probably made their way into every area of your home- including your HVAC system. An air duct cleaning can help remove some of that dirt, hair, and dander so that you can breathe easier and family members with pet allergies can be more comfortable at home.
  5. You have an old house. Whether you just moved into an older home, or you have lived in your home for a while and don’t remember ever cleaning your ducts, it’s time to schedule a cleaning. There is a high chance that you’ve got a good amount of dust build-up in your air ducts if your home is older and has not had an HVAC duct service in years.
  6. You are closing windows and doors for the summer. If you plan to keep your home closed for a foreseeable number of weeks, it may be a good idea to schedule a cleaning. Any dirt, dust, debris, dander, and allergens that are trapped within your system will be circulating through your system if no fresh air is introduced.

How Air Duct Cleaning from Earl’s Air Conditioning Helps Your HVAC System

Air duct cleaning is not an everyday service, but it is helpful to schedule it regularly each year or when you do big projects because of the many ways it helps your HVAC system work efficiently.

Air duct cleaning benefits your heating and air conditioning system by:

  • Reducing air pollution
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Saving energy
  • Improving airflow

When you need cleaner air that flows freely throughout the ducts in your home, call the Coachella Valley heating and air conditioning experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning. We can help you do everything you can to keep your home clean, safe, and running well all year long.

Contact the Coachella Valley HVAC technicians at Earl’s Air Conditioning to discuss how air duct cleaning can help your home stay comfortable and clean this summer.

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