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6 Tips for At-Home HVAC Maintenance

Keep Your HVAC Running Smoothly with the Help of Earl’s Air Conditioning

Though it is crucial to call a professional for routine maintenance and inspections of your HVAC, there are things that you can do at home to make sure your heating and air conditioning system runs well. Whether you have a new system installed by our team at Earl’s AC or an older unit, regular maintenance and helpful practices can give your HVAC system the energy and airflow it needs to keep your home comfortable.

If you need maintenance, repairs, or a new installation for your HVAC system, call the heating and air conditioning professionals at Earl’s Air Conditioning. Our Coachella Valley teams can make sure your system is in top-notch shape. Call Earl’s Air Conditioning today!

6 DIY Ways to Maintain Your HVAC System

If you want to do your part in taking care of your heating and air conditioning system, there are ways to ensure your home is getting the most airflow possible and using energy efficiently.

  1. First and most importantly, schedule routine maintenance and needed repairs that may include:
  • Cleaning or replacing filters
  • Check the thermostat for proper functionality and power (replace batteries if needed)
  • Lubricate or oil moving parts
  • Check and/or replace the refrigerant
  • Observe and listen for unusual sounds
  • Inspect the coils and condenser
  • Clean out water condensation
  1. Change your air filters. Clogged filters can greatly reduce airflow, make the HVAC system work harder, decrease efficiency, and increase costs. Quarterly filter checks and replacements can ensure that your airflow is maximized and that the air is clean.
  2. Check that your air vents are open and free of obstruction. Closing air vents increase pressure and load on your unit. Keeping the vents open allows the free flow of air and prevents extra pressure. This will decrease the chance of leaks and tears in the ducts caused by displaced air pressure.
  3. Check your coils, condenser, drainpipe, and drain pan. Clean out any standing water, algae, mold, or blockages.
  4. Check for drafts and leaks. When air leaks in or out of your home via faulty weather seals, spaces between windows and walls, cracks, etc., your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. Use weather stripping on the door and necessary windows, upgrade to energy-efficient window panes when you can, and close off chimneys safely when you can. Be sure that crawl spaces and attics are securely closed off and that any access to outdoor air has a barrier.
  5. Clean the outside of the unit. Wipe away dirt, dust, leaves, grass, and debris, clearing the space around the unit. This is especially important after a heavy storm.

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Maintenance of your HVAC system may not always do the trick. Sometimes, when repairs get too costly or you are ready to upgrade, trust the HVAC installers at Earl’s AC. We have the expertise, experience, and products to suit your heating and cooling needs. Our Coachella Valley team members live and work as your neighbors, so we understand the unique needs in our area.

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