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Air Scrubbing for Optimal Indoor Air Quality in the Coachella Valley

It is springtime in Coachella Valley! This means mild weather, but high counts of allergens. Compounded with the fact that, according to the EPA, the air inside of your home can be polluted up to five times as much as the air outside, you may consider options to improve your air health quality. At Earl’s Air Conditioning, our Coachella Valley air scrubbing service is one way to ensure you are at least breathing optimal indoor air quality at all times.

Not only does air scrubbing improve your air’s cleanliness, its technology also helps to remove odor-causing bacteria as well as strong odors from pets, smoke, and even mold, leaving your home clean and smelling fresh.

What is Air Scrubbing?

Air scrubbing is a method of air purification that can reduce particles by up to 99% without using chemical cleaners.

An air scrubber is a small cleaning device that can be conveniently integrated into your existing HVAC system. Because of this, its equipment does not require replacement or maintenance like air purifiers. This makes air scrubbing an easy, no-fuss option of air purification services.

Air scrubbing can effectively reduce harmful pollutants and unpleasant odors in your home including:

  • Pet odor and dander
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Airborne and surface microorganism
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Dust
  • Gasses and chemicals
  • Outdoor smoke, such as from firepits, BBQs, and even wildfires

How does an air scrubber work?

Traditional air filters only capture larger dust particles, leaving you and your family still breathing smaller contaminants in your indoor air such as dust and bacteria, as well as allergens like pollen and dander. Although air filters can successfully trap pollutants, air purification systems actually decontaminate the air by destroying particles.

Like air purifiers, air scrubbers clean by using negative ionization to neutralize and rid the air of contaminants. But, while an air purifier only cleans airborne particles, an air scrubber will also neutralize particles on the surfaces of your home, substantially reducing your exposure to harmful pollutants.

Air scrubbers continuously send out these negative ions to actually seek out positively charged contaminants, creating heavier particles that cannot float in the air. Then, through your existing HVAC ductwork system, the newly formed particles will be able to stick to your air filter.

By freshening and cleaning your home with proven scientific technology, air scrubbing is the most efficient way to improve the indoor air quality of your home and keep it that way.

We provide indoor air quality services in the Coachella Valley to help you breathe easier. Contact Earl’s Air Conditioning today for your premier air scrubbing service in the Coachella Valley!

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