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Can I Get a Mini-Split Installed in My Garage?

Mini-Split Installation Keeps You Comfortable with Ease

Most mini-split systems can effectively cool and heat your garage space with easy installation by the team of Coachella Valley HVAC professionals at Earl’s Air Conditioning. When your garage is more than just a space to park the car, it helps to make it cool, or warm, as you need it to be. Expand your useable square feet by making your garage comfortable, with help from heating and cooling using a mini-split system.

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The Benefits of Installing a Mini-Split in Your Garage

Mini-split air conditioning and heating units are not just for apartments, indoor room comfort, or new additions to your home. They can be a perfect choice for your garage, as well. This style of HVAC system is an excellent option for when you want to use less wiring, no ductwork, and lessened external visibility.

A mini split also differs from a standard HVAC system in ways including:

  • Less space. Mini split systems take up less floor and wall space than traditional systems.
  • Less noise. Mini splits are quiet and run without much disruption to surrounding sounds.
  • Less cost. These compact systems cost less to install, create fewer cleanup costs, and cost less when purchased.
  • Less energy. Utilizing a mini-split system is energy efficient and can cool effectively without using as much energy as a standard HVAC system.

Mini-split air conditioning and heat systems can effectively cool your garage space when temps hit up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, cooling it down to 75 when the temperature is at 95. When the cooler months hit, it can maintain a 75-degree heat even when the outside temp drops to 32 degrees.

A garage mini split can do more than maintain a steady, comfortable temperature to make the space readily useable. It allows you to utilize the garage for recreation or exercise. You can target your cooling or heating based on where and how you use the garage space and its configuration. Maintaining a stable temperature in your garage can also help to protect stored items, including photographs, antiques, food stores, books, and more.

What to Consider with a Garage Mini Split

Although the option of a garage install of a mini-split can be a great choice, there are a few things to consider when making the decision. Your garage walls may not be insulated at all, or are much less insulated, than your home. This means you will have more air leaks and can gain heat from the garage rolling door as well as your vehicle when parked after driving.

With this in mind, the necessary mini-split BTUs may differ from those needed inside a home with insulation and standard barriers to the outdoors. You can use a mini split without insulation, but it may heat and cool your space differently than it would the indoor spaces of your home.

Keep Your Coachella Valley Garage Cool with a Mini-Split System

At Earl’s Air Conditioning, you can choose what kind of system you want to use for your home, garage, and other spaces. For a garage installation, a mini-split heating and cooling system can be a perfect choice. Keep targeted areas cool or warm when you want to with a mini split installed by the HVAC team at Earl’s Air Conditioning.

Contact Earl’s Air Conditioning to discuss installing a mini-split heating and cooling unit in your garage. Let our Coachella Valley HVAC installers at Earl’s AC make all your home’s spaces comfortable, including your garage.

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