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Can Mini Splits Heat and Cool My Home?

How a Mini Split Makes Your Coachella Valley Home More Comfortable

The short answer to whether mini splits can heat and cool a home is yes! Mini split systems can cool and heat your home all year-round while remaining highly efficient. Mini split systems, also known as ductless HVAC systems, move heat from one place to another, transporting thermal energy to provide heated or cooled air throughout your home. These systems are a great option for when you cannot or do not want to install ductwork throughout your home.

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Thermal Energy and Your Mini Split System

Transfer of in-home heat relies upon the law of physics that thermal energy naturally moves toward cold spaces. Mini-split systems move the heat using a cold refrigerant liquid that absorbs the heat in the air around it.

The refrigerant travels through narrow piping to transport the heat from one place to another. The outdoor unit, or heat pump, regulates how much refrigerant moves to the indoor component, controlling how much heating or cooling your home gets. It moves into or out of your house for warmer or cooler months.

The indoor unit, or air handler, consists of a blower fan, air filter, and evaporator coil. It pulls air in from the room, transfers it to heat or cool, and pumps it back out. These two components connect via a conduit that houses the power and refrigerant lines that feed the condensation drain and outdoor unit.

Heat occurs when warmth is transferred inside from outdoor air, while cooling occurs by removing heat from indoor air and pumping it outside.

Earl’s Air Conditioning: Mini Split Installers in the Coachella Valley

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