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Can Solar Energy Power My AC?

Power Your HVAC System in Coachella Valley with Solar Energy

Solar energy can be a wonderful source of renewable power for your HVAC system in Coachella Valley. Your AC will require a few extra considerations with regard to your solar system, but as renewable energy is the energy of the future, so a clear choice as you upgrade your home.

At Earl’s Air Conditioning, our team can work with you to build a solar-powered HVAC system to suit your needs. We understand that air conditioning systems can use a substantial portion of the power your solar panels produce, so we can help you be sure that you have adequate energy to keep your home comfortable.

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The Benefits of Solar Powered Air Conditioning

There are plenty of reasons to utilize the power of the sun for your home’s HVAC system. Whether you are upgrading an existing system or creating a way to live off-grid comfortably, solar energy can be part of your plan.

The benefits of solar-powered AC systems include:

  • Reduced energy demand on the grid
  • Increased property value
  • Immediate savings on electricity bills
  • Savings that make up the cost of installation
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Power Your AC when the grid power is out

Considering changes to your energy and AC systems is a commitment to a cleaner, more environmentally efficient home for years to come.

Planning Your Solar Power Needs for Your AC System

Air conditioners can use up to 2.5 kilowatts of power to run and require a great deal of energy to turn on. Typical solar energy systems have an energy output of two to four kilowatts of power, so running your HVAC system will require that your solar panels can handle their pull of power plus your appliances and other household energy requirements.

You will need sufficient panels to generate enough energy to handle the hottest days of the year in Coachella Valley. Luckily, we receive tremendous amounts of sun and your solar panels will get all that they need to power what you need. Take into consideration the length of time during the day that you will be running your air conditioning.

Proper design, positioning, sizing, and battery storage can ensure that your system will run effectively when and how you need it to. It is also essential to have a sizable inverter, as the power surge required to start your system is strong. This surge is best handled by an inverter meant for off-grid living, which is typically sturdier than those created for systems tied to the grid.

Design Your HVAC System for All Power Sources with Earl’s AC

As long-standing Coachella Valley residents and business owners, the team of HVAC professionals at Earl’s Air Conditioning understand the need for power and AC systems in our area. We know the seasons here and can help to ensure your system will handle even the hottest days. Let our team of Coachella Valley air conditioning installers work with you to build an energy-efficient HVAC system that will save your power and money well into the future.

Design your solar panel grid and battery storage to suit the needs of your home and include an HVAC system installed and maintained by our team. We can find the AC unit to work efficiently and smoothly with your solar energy system. Bring your home’s comfort to a new level with help from your friends at Earl’s Air Conditioning.

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