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Central Heating Maintenance Checklist: You’ll Be Happy You Did!

Don’t Get Caught in the Cold This Winter

As the weather turns and the nights get colder, you are probably starting to consider turning on your heater for the first time. It’s important to make sure that your central heating system is working in top condition before it gets too cold so that you have the time to make repairs and updates as needed. The heating and air conditioning experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning can do the inspections, maintenance, repairs, and new installations that you need this winter.

Whether you just moved in, are ready for an upgrade, or just want to be sure your existing central heating system is working, we are here to help. Families need the reliability and comfort provided by a working HVAC system, to keep illness at bay, to make time at home enjoyable, and to provide a safe environment for all ages. Let our team provide the dependable service you need as the winter creeps in.

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The Essentials: Central Heating System Checklist

Be prepared for the cold nights and the holiday activities at home with the central heating maintenance checklist that our team created. Use the list below to make sure that your home is ready to withstand the cold, no matter how low the temps drop.

  1. Check your ductwork for signs of wear and tear including open joints, tears, etc.
  2. Clean your air ducts and registers to remove dust, mold, dirt, and debris.
  3. Change the filters for your HVAC system to make sure that the air that the system is pushing through your home is as clean as possible. Change them more often if you utilize your fireplace often or live in a natural fire area.
  4. Check your thermostat for temperature setting, clarity of the screen (replace any batteries as needed), and its connection to the furnace. You can determine if there are any connection issues by monitoring how long it takes for the furnace to turn on once you turn on the heat at the thermostat.
  5. Make sure that your furniture is not blocking any vents or intake registers so that the air can flow freely to distribute the heat as efficiently as possible.
  6. Consider having a professional, like those on our team at Earl’s Air Conditioning, check out the function of your system. This way any repairs can be made quickly and early. We can also perform a maintenance service, cleaning the heating unit, burners, and other components that should only be handled by a professional.

Leave the Maintenance to the Professionals

Although you can do much of the maintenance checklist without our help, there are things that you should leave up to the experts. At Earl’s Air Conditioning, we are happy to help you make sure that your central heating system is working in top shape. Our team takes pride in providing excellent customer service and workmanship you can count on. Heating and air conditioning go hand in hand. Leave the maintenance of your home’s HVAC system to us, the professionals, at Coachella Valley’s Earl’s Air Conditioning.

Don’t let the cold creep into your home this winter. Contact our team to make sure your family will be nice and warm through the holidays and into the new year.


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