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Common HVAC Air Duct Issues and Repairs

Air Duct Repairs in the Coachella Valley

Your ductwork is the circulatory system for your home, carrying air from your heating or air conditioning units to the rest of the house. Maintaining the air circulation system ensures its proper function, while poor upkeep can result in poor airflow, reduced efficiency, and lost heated or cooled air.

The HVAC professionals at Earl’s Air Conditioning provide air duct cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. Our Coachella Valley air duct technicians can help you have confidence that your air is clean and the system is running well.

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Common Problems with HVAC Air Ducts

As with most home systems, from time to time you may need to perform maintenance and repairs to keep your system running smoothly and the functions working as they should. Your HVAC system is no different. A handful of problems commonly occur with air duct work within homes.

  • Poor/loosely sealed ducts- A tight, secure seal ensures proper airflow and provides the pressure to get the heated or cooled air where it needs to go. There cannot be cracks or gaps in the seals throughout your system. Poorly sealed air ducts make the HVAC system work harder to adjust for fluctuating temperatures. Loose seals also allow contaminants into the airflow and subsequently into your home.
  • Dirty ducts- Buildup of dirt, dust, and debris can contaminate airflow. This can also lead to clogged filters and reduced airflow over time. Dirt and dust can also make their way back to your HVAC unit and create problems with the air conditioning components.
  • Damaged ducts- Wear and tear create damage over time, with damage also occurring from small animals or insects creating small holes in the ductwork. Once a hole grows it can cause pressure loss, decreasing air flow and reducing the efficiency of your system.
  • Improper or inadequate insulation- Ductwork requires insulation and vapor lining to work correctly, and insulation must meet strict safety and regulation guidelines. Improper insulation and vapor lining create inadequacies in temperature control, can cause a risk of damage to the ductwork, and decrease efficiency.
  • Twists and kinks- If your home has flexible ductwork, there should not be any kinks, twists, or other potentially obstructive restrictions. Some flexible ductwork even has the potential to be crushed, so proper support and framing are critical while paying attention to avoidance of obstructive angles or twists.
  • Poor design- For the best airflow and reduction of heat or cool loss, your ductwork should travel the shortest distance possible between your HVAC components and the vents to the rooms. The ductwork that causes air to travel farther creates energy loss, inefficiency, and increased utility costs.

Air Duct and HVAC Repairs in the Coachella Valley

When your system seems to be losing efficiency, or airflow is not as strong as it should be, there may be a problem with your air duct system. The Coachella Valley air duct experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning can help you diagnose the problem and provide repairs. From damaged ducts to loose seals, let us help get your HVAC system back in working order and keep your home comfortable.

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