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Does the Brand of Your HVAC System Matter?

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no answer. The disparity between top-tier HVAC units and low-priced units is measurable, but the differences between the top-tier brands are small. Brand name matters concerning energy efficiency and SEER ratings, but new manufacturing standards span across the board for all HVAC units. As with many purchases in life, you get what you pay for.

An HVAC system is a major purchase that you will live with for an average of 20 years. It is an investment that determines the comfort of your home. One way to be sure that you choose the right system is by discussing your purchase with experienced HVAC professionals. The HVAC experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning in Coachella Valley can help you find the best HVAC unit for your needs. We do the research for you, so let us put our experience and knowledge to work in helping you choose your new HVAC system.

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Why the Brand Matters

When choosing an HVAC system, you want to select a brand that you know will be around if you ever need to call on them for customer support or utilize the warranty. If you choose a brand that has not been around to stand the test of time or that is cheaper to purchase but manufactured under an unknown brand name, you risk the company not being around years later when you need parts or have an issue that applies to your warranty.

In contrast, a brand name that has been around for decades, that your local installers recommend, and that is a quality product will be a better choice in the long run. Top-tier brands come with a reputable product warranty, extended warranty, and dependable support from customer service.

Choosing Your New HVAC Unit

There are 3 things to look for when choosing your new HVAC unit and system:

HVAC professional recommendation: What brands do your trusted local installers recommend? What brands are recommended for your city’s climate and your style of home?

Energy efficiency: Your SEER rating and EnergyStar rating tell you how much energy you will use and save with your new unit. Approximately half of your home’s energy consumption is from your HVAC system, which makes efficiency a high priority when shopping for a new unit.

Programmable and Smart system compatible: A programmable and smart compatible system will help you to save money and energy by keeping a consistent temperature in your home. Smartphone connection also allows you to control your home’s temperature while you are away so that you can know how much, how often, and for how long you are using your HVAC system.

These three factors are a major part of your decision, but choosing your brand and unit also depends on your needs. The size of your home, construction style, window configuration, comfort settings, and location will all play a part in what kind of HVAC system you choose.

The Importance of Quality Installation

Choosing your brand is part one of a two-part decision. Part two is choosing a reputable, dependable installer. Installation of your new HVAC system is equally as important as buying the right unit, after all, your HVAC unit is only going to work as well as the installation that supports it.

You may want to discuss with your installer whether they will be installing one brand of system components or if they will mix and match. Depending on the brand you choose, a mix and match system may affect the warranty of your HVAC unit or be considered a warranty violation. Even with quality installation, a warranty violation can cause problems further down the road.

Regardless of what brand of HVAC unit you ultimately choose, it is important to choose an installation team that you trust. The expert installers at Earl’s Air Conditioning can help you with every step along the way to have a new HVAC system. We understand that you will have questions and will need advice as to what kind of system is best for your home and your family’s needs.

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