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Coachella Valley Ductless AC Repair

Mini-Split AC Repair in the Coachella Valley

If you have a ductless AC mini split system installed in your home, you can be comforted in knowing that your unit should run for years with basic maintenance and tune-ups. However, like anything mechanical, issues can come up and your cooling system may be in need of repair.

Because mini split systems work differently than central AC units, it is best to call someone with expertise in ductless AC repair specifically. Here at Earl’s Air Conditioning, our professionals can be trusted with your mini-split repair in the Coachella Valley—even if we did not originally install your ductless AC unit.

Call our Coachella Valley ductless AC repair team today. We are ready to get your home or business back to normal!

Common Ductless AC Problems

Many times, adjustments in your mini split’s installation is the problem, and can be fixed easily. Although, sometimes parts may need actual repair or replacement.

Common mini split problems can include:

  • The thermostat needs to be recalibrated
  • Communication issues due to improper wiring
  • Poor signal that leads to inconsistent operation
  • Lack of power
  • Grounding issues
  • Refrigerant issues due to improper line sets or insulation
  • Live voltage issues
  • Water leakage
  • Clogged filters
  • Dirty or frozen coils
  • Improper size of unit for your home
  • Overheated compressor fan motor

Signs Your Mini-Split System Needs Repair

It is pretty easy to tell when your cooling system is not working properly—your home’s indoor temperature is uncomfortable! However, noticing these common signs can help indicate if something is broken, or needs to simply be troubleshooted and adjusted by our team.

Here are some indicators you may experience:

  • Odd or loud noises
  • Communication error display
  • Limited air flow
  • Inconsistent operation of unit—sometimes it works, sometimes it does not
  • Not turning on at all

No matter the issue with your ductless AC, Earl’s Air Conditioning can help. Our Coachella Valley ductless AC repair team can get you feeling cool and comfortable.

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