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Ductless vs Ducted: What Are the Differences and What Do I Need?

There are several reasons why you may be leaning toward ducted or ductless air conditioning systems, but you may be on the fence. What are the benefits of ducted versus ductless? Which is best for your home? There are clear differences in construction and aesthetic, and your home may already be better suited to one or the other. Let the team at Earl’s Air Conditioning help you determine what kind of HVAC system is best for your Coachella Valley home. We have decades of experience doing business here in the Coachella Valley and we understand the needs of your home or business here.

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Why Choose a Ductless AC System?

If your home’s current construction does not allow for a ducted HVAC system, then ductless is the obvious choice. This is also true if the existing system is ductless and you want to add on or upgrade the system.

Ductless systems, sometimes called mini-split systems, utilize smaller, individual, indoor air handlers with a single central condenser. The individual air handlers, or blowers, are installed on interior walls, usually close to the ceiling, and are attached to the outdoor condenser through small tubes or piping.

Other reasons to choose a ductless system include:

  • Indoor components are not a concern
  • Lower, less pressurized airflow is better for your home
  • You want multi-zone temperature control
  • You have air-quality concerns (ductless systems spread less dust and have less dust accumulation within the system.)

Why Choose a Ducted Air Conditioning System?

If your home is already fitted with ducting and you are looking to replace the existing condenser or outdoor portion of the system, then a ducted AC system is the obvious choice. Be sure to check the condition of your ducting before making any changes to the system. These are also the better choice if you need stronger, more powerful airflow.

Ducted AC systems utilize a system of ducts that distribute heated or cooled air and ducts are made of sheet metal or a metal framework with flexible plastic and insulation. They are installed inside walls and ceilings with a main outdoor system comprised of a condenser, compressor, and air handling unit.

Other reasons to choose a ducted system include:

  • You don’t want the indoor portion to be visible or aesthetics are a concern
  • You live in a humid, moist environment
  • You have concerns about future maintenance costs, as ducted systems may be cheaper to maintain due to having a single air handler

Choose the System That Is Best for You with Earl’s Air Conditioning

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