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Five Common AC Problems in Summer

Common Coachella Valley AC Problems

With summer fast approaching, and the Coachella Valley already seeing triple-digit temperatures, you’ll probably be reaching for the thermostat soon. But summer doesn’t just bring the heat – it can also cause major problems for your air conditioning unit; problems that may prevent you from enjoying a cool and comfortable summer in your home.

Usually, these problems are common and recognizable – with the right information, you’ll be able to diagnose the most likely problem with your AC unit and implement a temporary fix. However, those temporary fixes never last long, so you’ll want to call in the experts as soon as possible to make sure that your AC is working properly and ready for the long summer ahead.

With over 60 years of experience serving the Coachella Valley, the technicians at Earl’s Air Conditioning are the experts you can trust. By calling Earl’s Air Conditioning, you’re guaranteeing that your AC unit will be running in peak condition and keeping your home at your ideal summer temperature.

Call Earl’s Air Conditioning for HVAC maintenance and repairs in the Coachella Valley. We will help to make sure your air conditioner is running at its best and keeping you as cool as possible this summer.

The Five Most Common Problems (and Quick Fixes)

While there is a plethora of different problems for air conditioner units, most people will run into the following five issues most commonly:

  • The AC Won’t Turn On – This issue is usually due to something electrical, such as a worn capacitor or blown fuse within the unit. A quick fix for this issue is to ensure that all electrical ends are secure, meaning no loose or unplugged cords and no tripped breakers or blown fuse in the fuse box. If there is no obvious fault, it’s best to step back and call a professional – electricity is no laughing matter.
  • No Cold Air – This is most commonly caused by dirty/clogged filters, tired machinery, and lack of refrigerant. This issue can be quickly addressed by cleaning your vents and air filters and removing any debris or obstructions from them. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the outside fan that circulates air for your unit isn’t being blasted by the sun. Finally, you’ll want to get an AC technician out to address your refrigerant levels and ensure you don’t leak anywhere in your system.
  • Leaky Unit – This issue is typically caused by either a clogged drain in the unit itself or dirty/clogged filters. Like before, you’ll want to thoroughly inspect and clean your air filters and vents, removing any possible debris that might be causing a clog. Additionally, look at your unit’s drainage system and make sure no debris or sludge is clogging up the drain.
  • Limited/No Airflow – This problem is almost always caused by a malfunctioning fan. The malfunction could be caused by several factors – dirt/grease build-up on the fan or its mechanisms, worn-down parts, or a broken/slipped belt. Sadly, there is no quick fix for this AC issue, as the fan is a delicate part of the unit and is not made to be worked on by anyone except a licensed HVAC technician. Before calling, make sure to rule out any other potential causes, such as clogged/dirty filters or vents and electrical issues.
  • Banging/Buzzing/Rattling – There are a myriad of sounds that an air conditioner might make when it needs help. Commonly, these sounds will take the form of buzzing (caused by electrical issues or interference), banging and whining (compressor and/or fan issues), and rattling (typically from loose parts or obstructed airflow). You can attempt to address these issues by ensuring all wiring and electrical connections are secure and by inspecting and cleaning the unit’s fan and filters to check that there are no loose or damaged parts.

While there are some ways to fix these problems, it’s important to remember that those methods are only temporary, and the only true way to ensure your air conditioner is running at its best is to call a professional, like the trusted technicians at Earl’s Air Conditioning.

The Experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning Can Help

With summer on our doorsteps, your air conditioner is going to be working overtime in the Coachella Valley heat. Before it gets any hotter, it is crucial to inspect your unit to prevent any problems.

The trusted team at Earl’s Air Conditioning will be able to do a comprehensive check on your air conditioner and promptly solve any problems we may find. Don’t run the risk of your air conditioner performing poorly or going out on you during the heat of summer- call the experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning and let us handle the rest!

When your air conditioner needs critical maintenance or repairs in the Coachella Valley, call the experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning!

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