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Heat Pump Systems VS Traditional Split Systems

Knowledge is Power When Purchasing a New HVAC System

Although heat pump systems and traditional split systems are both considered central HVAC because they transfer heat from inside to outside to control the temperature indoors, there are several differences. Traditional systems cost less to purchase and install, but heat pumps are more efficient reducing monthly energy costs. Also, many newer systems that are energy efficient may qualify for federal, state, and local rebates or tax credits. There are pros and cons to all systems, while knowledge of both is powerful when deciding to install anything new.

The team at Earl’s Air Conditioning can help make sure that you make an informed decision, with experience back advice and product knowledge. Let us help you find a system that will work best for your home.

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Heat Pumps versus Split Systems for HVAC

The differences between heat pumps and traditional split HVAC systems are based primarily on climate and responsiveness to the system in your home. In cooler climates where you are subject to temperatures below 40 degrees more than warmer temps, a traditional split system is the better choice. In areas where the climate is 40 degrees or higher for most of the year, heat pump systems may be a better choice.

The differences between heat pumps and traditional split systems include:

  • Heat pumps can reverse airflow direction to transfer heat in or out of the home via a reverse valve built into the compressor.
  • Traditional HVAC systems utilize electric resistant heat strips or gas furnace units to produce warm air.
  • Heat pumps move heat rather than generating heat, enabling stronger energy efficiency.
  • Heat pumps are electrically powered, therefore creating less fuel consumption than traditional split systems.
  • Split systems allow for individual room manipulation and continual adjustment with auto heat and cool control.
  • Convention or traditional split systems are less expensive concerning affordability of repairs and maintenance, with more availability of service providers.
  • Heat pumps are typically a better price per unit, with install benefits in warm climates and for smaller homes.
  • Traditional split systems are a better option for cooler climates and are often cheaper to install.

Choose the HVAC System that Suits Your Needs

Whether you choose a heat pump system or a traditional split system, Earl’s Air Conditioning is here to help you. We understand the importance of selecting a heating and air conditioning system that will be the most efficient for your home energy-wise while also being the most cost-effective. The investment of a new HVAC system is one that will last years into the future, so let us help you choose the right one.

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