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How Does Humidity Affect HVAC Systems?

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The purpose of HVAC systems is to cool indoor spaces during hot weather or heat them when outside temperatures are too cold. Your air conditioning system cools hot air by passing warm air over cold metal tubes that contain refrigerant. Expanding refrigerant in the tubes absorbs heat from the air and then goes to a condenser unit. The condenser unit then dumps the heat.

Humidity is simply moisture in the air, while elevated humidity can be described as higher moisture content. When the humidity level is high, the air conditioning unit is not only working to cool the air but also to cool the water molecules. The result is an AC unit that will have to work extra hard and consume more energy to cool your home. If your HVAC system has a low cooling capacity, it may not be able to meet the desired effect, leaving you and your family feeling uncomfortable.

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The Effects of Humidity on Your HVAC System

Excessive humidity can have multiple effects on your heating and air conditioning system. High moisture levels in the air can cancel out your air conditioner’s ability to cool the air, and you may notice that your unit is running longer than it usually would or should be. This is due to its inability to reach the desired temperature. Your home will feel much warmer than it should even though your system is running. High humidity can even damage or place your system at risk for damage due to the increased strain.

Air with a higher moisture content can carry larger amounts of dirt, debris, and dust that have found their way onto the coils and fins. This results in worse air conditions in your home and dirty filters. When filters are dirty, the airflow decreases, and the system’s efficiency is taxed.

Both issues result in higher utility bills and added wear and tear on your HVAC system. When you are already battling an outdated system or one that is the wrong size, you are in an uphill battle with humidity.

Humidity and HVAC Function

Too much humidity can wreak havoc on your HVAC system and make it work overtime. One countermeasure that can be integrated into modern HVAC systems is the introduction of a built-in dehumidifier, designed to control humidity levels inside your home or office. Or, if you’ve got an older system or one that you cannot use a dehumidifier with, you can always use a stand-alone air purifier and dehumidifier in your house.

Alternately, a lack of humidity can also harm your heating and AC system functionality. This is specifically true when it comes to healthy air for your family. As we know, the moisture in the air is important for healthy skin and the function of our respiratory system. If our respiratory and sinuses are too dry, we are more susceptible to infection. Keeping the proper amount of humidity running through your system will not only keep you healthy and comfortable but will also lower your overall energy consumption. Ideal humidity means your system is working with the moisture content in the air rather than against it.

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