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How Often Should My HVAC System be Maintenanced?

When You Need Coachella Valley HVAC Maintenance

Forgetting to schedule maintenance appointments for your HVAC system is easy to do. Maybe because it’s working great so it isn’t something you think about, but in order to keep it functioning properly, having your system looked at by the experts is exactly what it needs–and on a regular basis.

With the type of heat we experience, Earl’s Air Conditioning recommends scheduling a Coachella Valley HVAC maintenance appointment, both before and after summer, to keep your system running smoothly and home comfortable. Below are the reasons for why that is.

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Maintenance Increases Longevity

You should do everything in your power to avoid having to replace your HVAC system more than you need to, which is a potential outcome for homeowners who fail to have theirs checked out twice a year. Problems like these could lead to your system’s demise:

  • Leaks
  • Clogs
  • Blown capacitors
  • Tripped breakers

By scheduling two maintenance appointments a year, our Coachella Valley HVAC experts can identify and resolve these problems before they cause permanent damage.

Maintenance Keeps Costs Down

You should always be aware whether or not your system is operating efficiently because, if it is, you will save money on account of it using less resources. If it is not, this is likely because the buildup of dust and debris is forcing your HVAC system to work harder, resulting in increased monthly expenses. To ensure yours is not running up an expensive bill, schedule inspections before and after the hot summer months to make sure it is clean.

Maintenance is Eco-Friendly

The planet is another benefactor of a clean-operating HVAC system. When it does not have to work as hard to keep you comfortable, the environment feels less of its impact. This is because HVAC systems leak Freon to the atmosphere, most commonly known for being a refrigerant and aerosol propellant. To minimize the planet’s exposure to this toxin, schedule two maintenance appointments a year.

Maintenance Means Better Air Quality

A regularly maintained HVAC system not only enhances our environment, but also the air quality inside your home because it does not spread dirt and debris, two things a neglected system has the propensity to build up. This can:

  • Contaminate your home with pollutants
  • Increase the likelihood of allergies
  • Cause you to feel fatigued

These harmful scenarios are avoidable by having our Coachella Valley’s HVAC experts come out to service your system twice a year.

Maintenance Means Less Repair Costs

How much your HVAC system repair costs are in part depends on what type you have, so they are very circumstantial. However, a sure way to keep them as low as possible, no matter what type you have, is to schedule regular maintenance. Having an HVAC expert in the Coachella Valley service your system a couple times a year enables you to get ahead of any problems it may be experiencing before they become too costly.

Maintenance Retains Value

On top of saving you money every month, annual maintenance appointments also retain the value of your HVAC system. It is of course nice to enjoy a system you are not losing money on, but it goes further than that: it may help increase your home’s overall value. If the time comes when you want to sell your home, you may be able to get more for it if you can say a quality HVAC system is already in place.

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How much you get out of your HVAC system depends on how you care for it, and luckily for you, this does not require much. Be sure to schedule your two maintenance appointments every year, and you will quickly see how they pay off.

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