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How Pets Can Affect Air Filters

Do Fur and Dander Affect My HVAC Filter?

Furry pets can affect HVAC systems on several levels, not just the filters themselves but the entire filtration system. Pet fur, dander, and the dirt they bring in from outdoors can clog your air filters and your air conditioner’s filtration system. This will prevent airflow and potentially can cause damage to your AC unit. Dander may be able to get past your air filter and be circulated through your HVAC system, redepositing the dander in your home.

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Dander, Fur, Dust, and Dirt in Your Air Filter

Not only do animals shed fur, hair, and dander, but they also can carry in dust and dirt from outside. If you take your pet on frequent hikes or your pet plays outside in a yard with a variety of plants, your furry friend can bring back souvenirs.

Dirt, dust, pollen, and more can be carried in on your pet’s fur, increasing the workload of your air filters. Keep a towel or cloth by the front door to give your pet’s a quick wipe down after hikes or days outside. This can help keep some of the outdoor contaminants from coming inside.

The breed of your pet can also affect how much they shed. Some pet breeds shed much more than others, while different breeds have different types of fur or hair. This will be a factor in how often you clean or replace your air filters or how quickly they can clog.

What Is Dander?

Most people say that they are allergic to the fur of dogs, cats, and other furry friends. But it is typically not the fur you are allergic to. It is the pet’s dander. Pet dander is small flakes of skin that your pet naturally sheds. It sticks in their fur or hair and travels in dust bunnies, gets kicked up by natural airflow, or is cycled through your home through your HVAC system.

How to Preserve the Life of Your Air Filter

There are steps you can take to help preserve the life of your air filter. Not all air quality issues are fought with air filters and HVAC air filtration systems. Along with portable air cleaners and purifiers, you can give your pets and home some TLC to reduce contaminants in your air.

Keep your air conditioning unit running well and the air in your home clean by following the guidelines below:

  • Vacuum and sweep regularly, including vacuuming your upholstered furniture
  • Dust often to minimize standing pet dander on your furniture’s surfaces
  • Head outside to brush your pets regularly to reduce indoor shedding
  • Consider professional grooming or bathe your pet frequently to reduce shedding and keep fur clean
  • Feed your pets a healthy diet that supports hydrated, healthy skin that produces less dander

Maintaining your pet’s fur and keeping up on household chores can help to reduce clogs and contaminants in your HVAC air filter. Make your pet’s grooming time a bonding activity and keep your home’s air clean at the same time.

Upgrade Your Air Filtration System with Earl’s Air Conditioning

The Coachella Valley HVAC experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning offer several options for keeping the air in your home clean, even when you have pets. We can check and replace your air filters during service calls, professionally clean your air duct system, and install air filtration systems in your home.

Don’t let your pets make your HVAC system work overtime. Utilize proper air filters and check them regularly to confirm they are not clogged. The Coachella Valley air conditioning professionals at Earl’s AC can help ensure that your air conditioning system works efficiently and with the best possible airflow.

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