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HVAC Winter Maintenance Tips

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance with Earl’s Air Conditioning

As winter quickly approaches, it is time to determine if your HVAC system is ready to handle the stress of cold months and running the heater. Performing winter maintenance now will help you have confidence that your HVAC system will keep you comfortable throughout the season.

At Earl’s Air Conditioning, our HVAC technicians can perform an inspection, do any professional maintenance needed, and perform repairs.

Stay warm this winter with help from Earl’s Air Conditioning! Call our Coachella Valley HVAC technicians today to schedule maintenance and repairs or to discuss a new installation.

6 Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System in Preparation for Winter

To keep your home’s air dust-free, warm, and comfortable, perform these maintenance checks and easy tasks before you switch from AC to heat.

  1. Check your thermostat. Replace your thermostat batteries if needed, reset the temperatures (make sure to set your heat lower while you are away or asleep), check the connections if your thermostat is hard-wired, and consider an upgrade if you have an older model. Lowering the temperature while you are away and while you sleep will save you money, and you will sleep better in cooler air.
  2. Clean your air vents. Schedule a professional air duct cleaning to clear out the ducts and spaces you cannot reach and vacuum your vents, wiping them down for any remaining dirt. This will help to prevent blockages as well as reduce airborne allergens, dust, and dirt inside your home.
  3. Check your insulation. Inspect your home’s insulation, add new insulation if needed, and replace any sections of insulation that are old or deteriorated. This will keep the heat in and prevent the cold from making its way inside.
  4. Replace air filters. Replacing your air filters will further prevent blockages, keep your inside air clean, and help your furnace to run efficiently and evenly.
  5. Inspect your furnace. Listen for banging, rattling, or other unusual sounds, and check for signs of moisture, dirt, or rust. Clean the coils or have the system cleaned professionally, including the pan beneath the unit. Clearing dirt, dust, and debris will keep your system from outside factors causing issues.
  6. Check your ducts for leaks. Check any exposed ducts for leaks, cracks, disconnections, or tears. Air leaks create an inconsistency with pressure, cause the heat to distribute unevenly, and force your system to run longer to heat the house. It will cost you money in the long run if left unrepaired.

Stay Warm in the Coachella Valley with Earl’s Air Conditioning

Whether you need a new HVAC system installed, are repairing an old furnace, or just want to have routine maintenance, the Coachella Valley HVAC experts at Earl’s AC are here to help. With decades of experience in the air conditioning and heating field here in the Coachella Valley, we know what your home needs to stay comfortable. Let our team take care of your furnace, ducts, and other HVAC components so you can focus on enjoying the winter months.

Call Earl’s Air Conditioning in the Coachella Valley today and schedule your winter maintenance.

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