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Is Coachella Wind Affecting Your HVAC System?

Strong Winds and How They Affect Your HVAC System

The weather in Coachella Valley can often be harsh and unpredictable, which can cause problems for outdoor components of household systems. The wind is no exception, and Coachella winds can cause damage to your home’s systems, including your HVAC system.

Wind can affect your home’s HVAC system in several ways:

  • Accumulation of dust and debris
  • Indoor air quality
  • Damages to your HVAC unit and components

If you are worried about the wind causing damage to your HVAC unit and its components and want a professional opinion on how to protect it, call our team. Our Coachella Valley HVAC experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning can help you keep your HVAC system working smoothly all year long, no matter the weather.

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How the Wind Deposits Dust and Debris

Dust and debris can accumulate around your air conditioning unit during the high winds that we often experience in Coachella. It can also make its way into the unit circulating through the system as well as potentially damaging the unit itself. It can settle in the unit’s components, clog filters, and damage the coils.

Wind can cause debris and dust to damage the condenser’s fan grill or lodge debris in the grill or fan. It can make its way into the fan, damaging the blades and compromising the structure.

The dust is not the only issue as it accumulates. Over time, accumulated dust can create buildup, a breeding ground for mold on the evaporation coils. This can cause blockages as well as health issues.

The Wind and Your HVAC Indoor Circulation System

Coachella’s wind can create a formula for dust and debris to get into your home through several avenues, including your HVAC system. If dirt and dust circulate through your HVAC systems and into your home through your air ducts, it can create many health issues.

Dust and debris in the air can:

  • Aggravate allergies
  • Irritate throat and lungs
  • Cause asthma attacks
  • Create respiratory problems
  • Make breathing difficult
  • Dry the throat, mouth, nostrils, or eyes

Dust, dirt, and debris can make your indoor air quality less than satisfactory, which can be dangerous for immune-compromised guests or family, or people with health issues involving air quality.

Physical Damages Caused by the Wind

Dust may not be the only concern for your HVAC system when the winds pick up. High winds can cause physical damage to your HVAC unit and its outdoor components.

Physical damages caused by the wind may include:

  • HVAC unit parts becoming loose
  • Damage to the external components
  • Dirt and debris stuck within the unit
  • Cracks within exposed ductwork
  • Vent or intake damage
  • Unit shifts on its pan or on the ground where it sits

HVAC Inspections and Repairs from Earl’s Air Conditioning

Don’t get caught in the wind unprepared and with exposed HVAC components. Let the team at Earl’s Air Conditioning make sure that your unit can withstand the winds in Coachella. As Coachella Valley residents, we know that the wind here can be extreme. We want you to be confident that your air conditioning system is secure, and that the air inside your home will stay as clean as possible when running your HVAC system.

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