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Is Winter the Best Time of Year to Replace My AC?

Replacing Your AC in the Off-Season with Earl’s Air Conditioning

Although the best time of year to replace your AC system used to be springtime, this is no longer the case. With supply chain changes, delays, shortages, and ever-increasing inflation, the timeline for HVAC installation and product availability changes.

Replacing your air conditioner in winter gives you ample time to wait for products to arrive and to schedule installation. It gives you the freedom to take time shopping, consider pricing differences, and select the perfect system for your needs with the confidence that you made the right choice.

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4 Reasons to Replace Your AC in Winter

If you are wondering what makes a winter installation a good choice, there are plenty of reasons to make the call. From more flexibility with schedule to increased part and system supply availability, it pays to make home improvements during the off-season.

There are several reasons to schedule your air conditioning replacement appointment in the winter months, including:

  1. Furnace and AC Combination Savings. You may find better savings when you replace your furnace and air conditioning at the same time. It is often more convenient for HVAC companies to install your HVAC system all at once, and many offer savings for choosing to go with a total HVAC revision.
  2. Availability. HVAC companies are often much busier in the late spring and summer, especially in warmer climates like the Coachella Valley, so fall and winter services are technically considered “off-season.” Off-season appointments provide more availability and flexibility with scheduling.
  3. Supply Chain: Scheduling your AC replacement before the heat of the summer months allows your HVAC team to order parts, adjust for weather changes, and deal with any hiccups in the supply chain.
  4. Beat the Heat: You will be ahead of the game so when summer comes, you will be ready to turn on your air conditioner with confidence.

Coachella Valley Winter HVAC Replacement

In Southern California, we don’t necessarily have to worry about extreme temperatures keeping HVAC technicians from working. Mild temperatures mean we are almost always available to install during winter months without worry of snow or long-lasting storms. Our off-season can be used to your advantage to do the upgrades and new installs that you have been considering. Whether you want to do a complete HVAC system installation or simply replace any problematic parts, the team at Earl’s Air Conditioning is happy to help. Let us help you get ready for summer while it’s still cool out, so you don’t get caught in the heat when it hits.

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