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Mini Split Systems & Exterior Spaces: Cool and Heat Your Garage!

Keep Your Space Cool with a Mini Split System

Are you constantly sweating or layering up to work outside or hang out in your outdoor space? Do you wish you had the comforts of HVAC in your outdoor space? You have options to make your outdoor or exterior space more comfortable.

Mini split systems are the perfect choice for installation in garages, workshops, and outdoor rooms. They require no ductwork, are quiet when running, and are highly efficient. You can enjoy your space with an easy-to-install mini split.

Call the Coachella Valley HVAC installers at Earl’s Air Conditioning to discuss how a mini-split system can keep you comfortable, even outside the walls of your home.

The Components of a Mini Split for Your Outdoor Space

If you install a mini split for your workshop, garage, or other external structure, you won’t have to worry about ducts, and the wiring will be minimal. This makes mini splits a great choice when installation space is limited.

Mini split systems are comprised of one or more indoor components called air handling units and one outdoor compressor, along with the wiring components between the indoor and outdoor units. Typically, the outdoor component is placed on an individual concrete slab and if possible, protected by an overhead awning or overhang. You can install the air handling unit inside on the wall or ceiling depending on the unit you choose.

Helping Your Mini Split Do Its Job

When you decide to change the atmosphere of your outdoor space or garage, it helps to do as much as you can to be sure your cooled or heated air will stay put. Insulating your garage, workshop, or other space protects against external temperature swings, reducing the severity of temp in your space significantly. Be sure that gaps, holes, windows, and doors can be secured and closed so you don’t lose heated or cooled air.

When choosing a unit, determine how much cooling and heating strength you need, keeping in mind the activity you intend to do in the space. Ask yourself how many people will use the space and how often. This information will help you to determine how strong of a compressor you will need.

You can also determine if your air-handling unit will be installed on the wall or ceiling of your space, depending on the type of unit and your space’s needs. Once installed, all you will have to worry about is the upkeep of your unit and changing your air filters.

Install a Mini Split with Earl’s Air Conditioning

When you are ready for a more comfortable space, whether your garage, workshop or other outdoor space, our team can help. The Coachella Valley mini split installers at Earl’s Air Conditioning can help you decide on the perfect system for your needs and can install and maintain it as well. We understand that every customer has different needs and are happy to help you narrow down the options.

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