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Earl’s Air Conditioning has kept Palm Desert cool and comfortable for over 60 years, offering comprehensive HVAC services in Palm Desert and the surrounding cities. These services include installation, maintenance, and repairs. With a variety of energy-efficient units, choosing the right air conditioning unit for your home or business can be overwhelming. That is why at Earl’s AC, we are here to help.

Our experts pride themselves in the integrity, quality, and dependability of our services and products. When we install an Air Conditioning unit in Palm Desert for your home or business, you can count on longevity, saving you power and money while keeping you cool.

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When Should I Install a New AC System?

Outdated units tend to hang on past their functionality. Rather than wait for a hot, uncomfortable day of suffering in the desert heat, you may consider preemptively choosing to replace your air conditioning unit in favor of an energy-efficient, money-saving system that will provide you with several stress-free years.

Between environmental impacts, efficiency, and maintenance and repair costs, we are happy to discuss your personal needs when it comes to replacing your current AC system.

  • Ensuring an efficient, long-lasting AC system is our top priority. At Earl’s Air Conditioning, all of our installed AC units include a SEER rating, which provides you with information about the efficiency of both your old and new system. We want your AC system to use the least amount of power consumption while you receive the coolest air possible and enjoy the most bang for your buck!
  • In addition to negative environmental impacts of energy consumption by older AC systems, there is also the danger of leaking freon in broken air conditioning units. This not only adds up to additional maintenance costs, but leaking freon presents a danger to both you and your family’s health as well as the ozone layer. Once an AC unit begins to leak freon, it is often not worth the risk to repair.
  • Maintenance in general can add up when it is ongoing—and older AC systems can quickly become a money pit. Rather than wait until your wallet is drained, we recommend being proactive and replacing your outdated unit for a dependable AC system that requires less upkeep.

What AC System is best for you? Our AC Install Professionals in Palm Desert Have the Answers

At Earl’s AC, we understand how important your HVAC unit is, and are here to help navigate your choices of AC systems based on your specific needs, such as budget and home or office conditions.

With Earl’s AC, we have various options for air conditioning systems in Palm Desert to fit your needs:

  1. Central Unit: The most common choice, central units are cost effective, highly efficient, and overall simple to understand and implement. A central unit requires outside installation on the side of the building rather than the roof or window. From this installation point, air ducts are integrated within the building’s interior walls and systems to distribute cooled air evenly.
  2. Package Unit: Like the central unit, the package unit is installed on the outside of your building. However, the ductwork also runs on the outside of the property on the rooftop, rather than integrated internally. Package units are similar in efficiency.
  3. Window Unit: Ideal for smaller spaces, apartments, and semi-permanent use, window units are easy to install and maintain. There are window units to fit every space and window setting to affordably and efficiently cool a room or space.
  4. Ductless Mini-Split Unit: For properties or spaces that cannot utilize ductwork, the ductless mini-split is the perfect option. Energy-efficient and flexible in use, these allow independent control of the unit.
  5. Commercial AC Unit: For large buildings, office spaces, and businesses, there are several HVAC systems that are specifically made to work in your commercial space.

Thermostat Options for Your Palm Desert AC System

In addition to choices of the units themselves, you also have options for control. Depending on your choice of unit and your specific circumstance, you may choose a:

  • Smart thermostat: This option allows you a hands-free, low commitment control of temperature, as the thermostat itself actually learns your daily routines and habits to adjust as needed without you having to worry.
  • Wi-Fi thermostat: The convenience of temperature control from anywhere in the world is unmatched with a wi-fi connected thermostat. Whether on your couch or on vacation, you have 24/7 control at your fingertips of a phone or laptop.
  • Digital thermostat: This option is more accurate and precise than traditional manual thermostats, but still offers a hands-on control system from within the space itself.

High Quality, Energy-Efficient AC Services That Keep You Safe and Comfortable

At Earl’s Air Conditioning, our priority is your comfort and safety. Our Palm Desert HVAC team can help guide you through all the choices you need to stay cool and save money with expert installation of a new AC system. For the most efficient, cost-effective systems selected for your specific home or business needs, look no further than Earl’s Air Conditioning for AC Installation in Palm Desert.

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