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When temperatures rise and fall with the seasons, you need an HVAC system that you can rely on for your Salton City home or office. The options for air conditioning systems have grown as technology advances increase and energy sources have grown. It is crucial to have an installation and maintenance team that can handle any HVAC needs.

Your comfort levels are our priority at Earl’s Air Conditioning and we have the experience, skill, and dedication it takes to provide dependable service for any type of air conditioner that you have. Earl’s Air Conditioning has been a local business in the Coachella Valley for decades and we are happy to offer our neighbors and friends in Salton City the service and installation that we would give our own families.

Contact the Salton City air conditioning experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning to discuss how we can keep you comfortable all year round with HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs.

3 Reasons to Install a New Air Conditioner

If your HVAC system is costing you hundreds in repairs and maintenance to keep it running, it may be time to install a new system and reduce those year-round costs. Installation of a new model can reap several benefits, including lower costs in maintenance and repairs, lower energy bills, and more. Some of the benefits of a new, updated HVAC system include:

Energy Efficiency

Modern, energy-wise air conditioning units follow the technological advancements of the times, meaning they are working more efficiently now than ever. Advancements in HVAC system technology improve their energy efficiency, cost impact, and ability to integrate with your Smart home, including solar energy. Your new air conditioning unit will have a SEER rating that will indicate its score in energy and cost efficiency based on how much energy it uses to run a typical cycle.

Reduced Maintenance and Repair Costs

Although a new air conditioner will cost you initially at installation, it will save you money over time as there will be fewer repair and maintenance costs. Older units can cost increasingly more as they age and repairs get more extensive, so when your HVAC system reaches that point, it’s time for something new.

Lesser Environmental Impact

Freon is one of the primary components in the process of cooling the air that flows through your HVAC system. If freon leaks, like it can with older units in disrepair, the leaking particles can be detrimental to the environment and ozone. Additionally, older units use more energy than newer, SEER-rated units, so they have a bigger energy footprint.

New Air Conditioning Options from Earl’s Air Conditioning

As technological advances improve how HVAC systems work, the options for air conditioning continue to grow as well, ensuring that you will find an air conditioning unit that will suit your needs.

For your Salton City home or office space, you can choose from the following options for your HVAC system:

  • Central AC Unit: Central air conditioning is one of the most common systems that our team installs. This system includes a unit outside of the home, an indoor thermostat for temperature control, and air ducts installed inside the walls or in the ceiling of the home. Air is delivered from the outside unit through the ducts and vents in each room.

  • Ductless Mini-Split: Ductless mini-split heating and air conditioning units are an energy-efficient, sleek, and simple option for when a home or business cannot have ductwork installed. These are a great choice for room-by-room temperature control.
  • Window AC Unit: Window AC units are a good choice for temporary room temperature control or when you cannot install a permanent system. These units can plug into a standard outlet and are an energy-efficient, affordable option for home comfort.
  • Package Unit: Much like a central air conditioning system, package units are installed outside of the home and include ducting to transport air into the rooms of the house. The ductwork is installed on the roof of the structure instead of inside the walls or ceiling.
  • Commercial Unit: Commercial units are just like package units or central air conditioning units but are bigger and more powerful so that they can cool larger spaces such as warehouses or office buildings.

Thermostat Options for Your New HVAC System

There are three popular options for new, upgraded thermostats to control your home’s temperature: Digital thermostats, Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, and Smart thermostats. These thermostats give you options for control that is more precise and more accessible than ever before. You can control your home’s temperature from anywhere you have cellular service, and your home’s thermostat can even learn your preferences and change the temperature settings on its own.

Salton City HVAC Installation by Earl’s Air Conditioning

Trust the Salton City HVAC experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning with your air conditioner and heater installation. Our team has decades of experience with HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs and we are dedicated to keeping your family comfortable all year long. Let our team take care of your home’s heating and air conditioning system so that you know you can trust your system to work, 24/7.

Contact the Salton City air conditioning experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning to discuss how we can keep you comfortable all year round with HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs.

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