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Save on Costly Electric Bills: 3 Benefits of Room-by-Room Cooling Solutions

Ductless Air Conditioning for Coachella Valley Homes

Heatwaves are nothing new to residents and business owners in Coachella Valley, so saving money on air conditioning solutions is at the forefront of all of our minds. Ductless, room-by-room cooling units allow individualized temperature control for each section of your structure, rather than circulating a single temperature of air throughout the entire structure. This kind of system is one great way to save money on your electric bill during hotter months. Earl’s Air Conditioning provides several air conditioning system options, including ductless split area AC, so that you can customize your HVAC experience to your needs.

For savings, energy efficiency, and increased comfort at home, consider innovative and new AC options with Earl’s Air Conditioning. Contact our team to discuss your needs and for a free quote for your Coachella Valley home.

3 Benefits of Room by Room AC Systems

There are three main ways that a room-by-room AC system can benefit your home and family: individual temperature control, saving money, and installation.

  • Temperature Control: Mini-split systems utilize individual tubing routed throughout your home, with individual units, connected to a single outdoor compressor (in most cases). This system allows each member of the family to select the temperature of his or her room, usually by remote control, so that they find their comfort level.
  • Cost Savings: Individual room control saves on unneeded costs by only heating or cooling the rooms that are occupied, and by only adjusting the temperature up or down based on individual need. Also, ducts tend to lose 30% of the cooled air traveling through them, therefore equating that same percentage in savings when no ducts are present. Ductless and/or mini-split systems are also typically more efficient than traditional central air conditioners, using 60% less energy than older systems.
  • Installation: Ductless systems are often easier and less time consuming to install, meaning installation costs will be less than traditional central air systems. These systems can be customized to provide the exact number of splits that you need, eliminating unnecessary installation.

Save Money and Energy with a New HVAC System

If your home requires room-by-room cooling solutions and you are ready to move to a more efficient HVAC system, ductless AC is your clear choice. You can save energy and money, while your family members personalize their comfort level using individualized split AC systems. Whether a mini-split system or ductless air conditioning system is your choice, Earl’s Air Conditioning can help you create the perfect home comfort experience. Let our team bring your Coachella Valley home into the future of savings and HVAC.

Discuss your family’s cooling needs with a member of our customer service team at Earl’s Air Conditioning. We can help you find the right HVAC system for your needs, can work with you on maintenance and repairs, and help you with all of your HVAC needs.

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