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Summer Is Here: 6 Common AC Problems and Solutions

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Summers can be brutal in Southern California when the sun shines relentlessly and the sky is clear, so having a working HVAC system is crucial to surviving the heat. At Earl’s Air Conditioning, we can help you to diagnose and remedy issues with your air conditioning unit and HVAC components. Read on to learn about common air conditioning problems to watch for this summer and how to fix them from our team of Coachella Valley air conditioning experts.

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6 HVAC Problems to Watch for This Summer

Before summer gets into full swing, it is critical to check on the status of your air conditioning unit and its components. Watch for the six common problems with HVAC systems listed below and learn how to assess them based on what you find.

  1. Your AC won’t turn on. If your air conditioner does not turn on, it could be due to two simple reasons. To diagnose this issue, first, check that your thermostat batteries are working and replace them if needed. Once you know that the batteries are charged and working and that your thermostat is functioning, you can check your circuit breaker. If there are any applicable breakers tripped, reset the circuit by flipping the switch to off and then on. These power-related diagnoses should help remedy the problem, but if they do not, consider calling a professional.
  2. Your AC is leaking refrigerant. Air conditioning coolant leaks can result in temperature variance and poor unit performance. It can also result in low efficiency, increased power consumption, coil freezing, and uneven cooling. If you find a minor leak, the coolant can be topped off, and a minor superficial fix can be applied. Major leaks or pipe issues may constitute a network chance and recharge, repairs that should be done by a professional.
  3. There is an outdoor AC water leak. A puddle of water underneath your air conditioning unit’s compressor may be because of a broken condensation pan, faulty air conditioning unit seal, improper installation, or a dry air filter. Once you diagnose the water’s source, turn off the air conditioning unit to prevent further damage and contact a professional from our team. These leaks will need the help of an HVAC professional.
  4. You can’t feel a cold airflow. Whether your air conditioner is running but no cool air is coming out of the vents, or if there is air flowing but it is not cold, your HVAC system may need a tune-up. If air is not flowing, there may be a tripped breaker that can be flipped back into working order. Unfortunately, if the airflow is warm, your blower may need replacement, or the refrigerant may be low. These can be simple fixes in a routine maintenance appointment or repair visit from a professional.
  5. You have an HVAC duct leakage. Leaky ducts reduce airflow through your home, can affect the HVAC function, and may even result in poor air quality. A duct tear or hole allows dirt and dust to enter the HVAC system, clogs the air filters, and causes uneven cooling. Check for leaks by examining joints and connection locations or inspecting for holes or tears. You can repair the ducts using foil tape to seal the holes or use a mastic air duct sealant. Larger holes may require the replacement of ductwork or repair by professionals.
  6. Your AC is making strange noises. Noises that are out of the ordinary may indicate a problem with your HVAC system. Grinding sounds may indicate a possible compressor or motor failure, clicking noises may signal an obstruction to the AC fan or a capacitor issue, and bubbling sounds may reveal a refrigerant leak or show excessive moisture in the unit. It is best to call a professional for a sure diagnosis and repair that you can count on.

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