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The Benefits of a Mini Split for Heating

What Makes Coachella Valley Mini-Split Installation a Practical Option?

Preparing for the desert heat is a top priority among Coachella Valley residents, and rightfully so, but there are also the cold months to think about. Earl’s Air Conditioning has addressed how a ductless mini-split AC system will keep your house cool, but now it is time for you to know this option is so dynamic that it also provides heat.

Our Coachella Valley mini-split installation team will ensure your home remains comfortable during the winter by setting you up with a mini-split system, which comes with several benefits we know you’lll appreciate.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a mini-split for you Coachella Valley home!

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Mini-Splits Can Help You Save Money

Being a homeowner comes with its fair share of hefty costs, so when an option that allows you to save without sacrificing quality presents itself, it is an opportunity you should, at the very least, look into.

The efficiency of mini splits is the primary reason they will save you so much money. This ductless system is advantageous since ductwork in a traditional HVAC system can lose upwards of 30% of energy consumption, according to Energy.gov. When a traditional system loses approximately 30% of its energy, approximately 30% of your heating bill is paying for something you did not get to use.

Get the most out of your investment when you elect to have a mini-split heating system installed.

Mini-Splits are Environmentally Friendly!

Knowing the environment appreciates you for having an eco-friendly heating system is a good feeling, and you can accomplish this with a mini split!

Mini-split systems utilize all of the energy they require, rather than wasting it like traditional systems; so, just like its efficiency helps your bank account, it also preserves our environment.

Mini Splits = Simple Installation Process

You can count on the mini-split installation team to keep your house intact during and after setting up your mini split because it does not require large cuts in your walls. In fact, there will only be a single, small hole, unlike extensive duct work.

The installation process typically requires one visit and is not time consuming. You can anticipate the Coachella Valley experts getting in and out of your house quickly, all while leaving you with a new heating system that does not significantly damage your walls.

Mini-Splits Improve Air Quality

Over time, dirt and debris build up in your house without you noticing. Unfortunately, this lessens your home’s air quality because you breathe it in, which a ducted HVAC system will circulate, but there is a way around this: getting a mini-split heating system installed.

When you are home, you should not have to worry about breathing in toxins, and you do not have to when you have a mini split that avoids spreading stuff you should not inhale.

Hot and Cold: Mini Splits Do It All

The way a mini-split system can both heat and cool your house qualifies it as one of the most dynamic options you have when it comes to your HVAC needs. Without much effort and not as large of an investment, you can make your home comfortable for the entire year with a mini split.

Essentially, there is no better way to make your money you put towards an HVAC system go further than by having our Coachella Valley’s mini-split installation team do what they do best.

Start Experiencing the Benefits of a Mini-Split System

The easiest and fastest way to get your home ready for all of the Coachella Valley’s seasons is by having a mini-split heating system installed. It is the most effective way to save both money and the environment, and, of course, keep everyone comfortable where they should feel so most.

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