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The Best Ways to Keep Your House Warm at an Affordable Price

Reduce Your Heating Bill While Staying Warm

Changes in the weather often mean changes in your electric bill, highly in part due to your HVAC usage. At Earl’s Air Conditioning, our heating and air conditioning professionals understand that it is helpful to know ways to keep your home comfortable without increasing your heating bill. Many tried and true tricks can help you regulate the temperature of your home without adjusting the thermostat. Whether your HVAC system is new or old, taking the time to learn about protecting your home’s comfort level will be beneficial.

Let the team at Earl’s Air Conditioning help you stay warm as temperatures drop. We can install a new HVAC system, repair an existing system, or help with HVAC system maintenance. Our Coachella Valley heating and air conditioning experts are here for you.

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Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your House Warm

If you are worried about the high cost of utilities and you know you’ll be needing to save heat this fall and winter, there is no need to stress. Our team knows that every penny counts and we want to help you conserve heat and energy. Save money and preserve heat as temperatures cool down by heat-proofing your home with the tips listed below.

  • Use your curtains and window coverings to your advantage by allowing sunlight in during the day and closing out the cool temps at night. At sundown, close your windows and window coverings to keep in the heat. Double up on curtains for extra protection from heat loss and to prevent draughts.
  • Check on the condition of your insulation and make any repairs necessary to be sure that you are not losing heat through the roof and walls. Be sure that you have adequate insulation between your roof and the ceiling of your home.
  • Close vents in rooms that you are not using or do not want to heat and keep unoccupied rooms closed to preserve the heat in the area you are in.
  • Keep forced air vents accessible and move furniture away from them, as well as piles of clothes, books, or other items, so that the warm air can flow freely into the room.
  • Use rugs and carpets if your flooring is cold or if your home is built on a cement slab. Even if you have carpet installed, a thick rug can make a huge difference in retaining heat and keeping feet warm.
  • If you have oversized windows that seem to lose heat, you can use a clear shower curtain as insulation. Tape or adhere the shower curtain tightly along the inside of the window frame to create an additional barrier and insulation layer.
  • After you are done baking, keep the oven slightly open to release any remaining heat into the house as it cools. (Double-check that the oven is off if you do.)
  • Rather than turning up the heat, use socks, hats, scarves, sweaters, and blankets to keep warm at home. An extra layer of clothes or extra blanket on the bed can save a substantial amount of energy and money when it comes to the utility bill.
  • If you spend a lot of time seated at a desk or table during the day, consider a foot or space heater placed at your feet to stay warm while working.
  • Set timers on your thermostat so your heater turns on approximately 30 minutes before you wake up so that you are not chasing the heat once you are up and moving around the house. Your home will often seem colder after climbing out of bed, but once you are up and moving, your body will acclimate.

HVAC Maintenance is Important All Year Long!

Using the tips listed above can help keep utility bills lower in colder seasons, but a well-maintained HVAC system is just as important. Our HVAC experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning have decades of experience with Coachella Valley’s heating systems. We are familiar with the weather and heating needs in this area, so we assure you that we will keep this knowledge in mind when assisting you with HVAC needs. Let our expertise work to your advantage.

You can trust the team at Earl’s Air Conditioning to provide reputable, reliable, and affordable service and installation for your Coachella Valley HVAC system. Contact our team today to discuss your family’s heating needs.

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