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The Importance of Cleaning Your AC Condenser

Why You Should Clean Your Outdoor AC Components

Your condenser coils are one of the most crucial components of your HVAC system. Condenser coils move heat out of your home and replace it with cooled air. This is especially important in the heat of our SoCal summers. The condenser coils and outdoor unit of your air conditioner can collect dust, dirt, debris, and plants around it, covering the components in a layer that inhibits its functioning.

Professional cleaning services for your outdoor unit can remove the dirt, grime, and debris that makes its way into your condenser. Cleanings will help your system release the heat from the coils more efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the life of your HVAC system.

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4 Ways Professional Air Conditioning Unit Cleaning Helps Your HVAC System

Just like the interior of your home, including your AC vents and returns, the outdoor components of your air conditioning system should be kept clean. Removing garbage or debris around your AC unit is a great start, but nothing compares to professional cleaning. Cleaning the outdoor AC components helps you stay cool, making sure your system runs well and you get the most out of your HAVC system.

Four ways cleaning helps your HVAC system are:

  • Ensure maximum efficiency. Your condenser unit, including the condenser coils, is part of your outdoor HVAC components. The condenser coils remove heat from your home, cycling it through the outdoor components and releasing the heat, sending cooled air back into your home. When the coils and components are covered in dust, dirt, and debris, heat cannot escape the coils efficiently. The heat removal process is impeded as residue coats the coils, using more energy to cool the air and reducing the efficiency of the system overall.
  • Avoid breakdowns. Cleaning your condenser unit can reduce the chance of breaking down. Malfunctioning condensers make summertime unbearable. During your cleaning, your AC technician will be able to spot any potential problems or things you need to be aware of.
  • Increase lifespan. Most air conditioning systems have a 10–15-year lifespan. An inefficient unit caked with dirt and grim has a likelihood of increased wear and tear, forcing the system to work harder. Dirt and dust put a strain on all of the components, decreasing the lifespan of your outdoor unit.
  • Improve air quality. Unfortunately, dirty coils may create an environment for growing mold, bacteria, and fungi. These kinds of contaminants may eventually cause spores to make their way into your home. Cleaning the coils and other outdoor components can eliminate existing bacteria, mold, and fungi and prevent conditions conducive to growth.

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