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What Is Typically Included in an HVAC System?

Explaining HVAC with Earl’s Air Conditioning

Your HVAC system is so much more than the outdoor unit that most people see on the side of their home. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning so this system includes all of the different components of your specific system. Your HVAC system heats and cools your home through a series of components that may include furnace and air conditioning components, ductwork, and a thermostat for control.

At Earl’s Air Conditioning, we know the value of understanding how your HVAC system works and what the different parts do. We know that knowledge is power and are here to help you learn more about your home’s HVAC system. Our Coachella Valley heating and air conditioning professionals at Earl’s Air Conditioning can work with you to understand your system and help make sure that it runs well all year long. When you need information you can trust and service providers you can rely on, contact our team and let us keep your family cool, or warm, with HVAC installation and repair.

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What Makes Up My HVAC System?

Your HVAC system is made up of multiple parts both inside the walls and infrastructure of your home as well as outside. These parts vary based upon the specific system that you have, which is often based on the construction of your home, size, and where you live.

Your system may include:

  • Furnace: This is the component of your HVAC system that heats your home and may include a burner and fuel system, heat exchangers, a blower, and exhaust flue. Furnace structures vary depending on brand and model, as well as how they are integrated into your full system.
  • Air Conditioner: This draws heat energy (warm air) out of your home via vents that connect with ductwork, transferring it outside, while pushing cool air into your home. Air conditioning systems come in different models including a split system, mini-split, or central air conditioning. Air conditioners are typically made up of a compressor, coils, and a blower to process the cool air.
  • Heat Pump: This can be used in place of other systems to transfer outside air into your home to heat or cool your home, often using an air handler to circulate the air through your home.
  • Ducts: These are the tubes or channels through which your heated or cooled air is delivered to the rooms in your home.
  • Ductless System: A ductless system is an alternative system to one that involves ductwork or internal construction in your home. It may be a wall unit or mobile unit that can be installed in a window. This is perfect for a small house, studio, or when you only need to heat or cool one room.
  • Thermostat: Your thermostat is an important part of your system and the most personal of the components because it is the one that you will interact with most. Traditional thermostats can be manually manipulated to turn the temperature up or down or are programmable, while newer smart systems can be controlled through your smart devices.
  • Air Return: This is where the air is drawn up through a vent (and typically a filter) into the duct system and your furnace or air conditioning component.
  • Filter: Your system may have one or more filters that are installed at both ends of your ductwork. Filters help keep debris, dust, dander, pet fur, and other contaminants from entering your HVAC system. In most systems, you can replace your filters throughout the year so that they continue to provide clean air to your home.
  • Exhaust Outlet: This allows the heat created by your HVAC system to be released through a vent or duct and prevents the system from overheating.

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