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When Is the Best Time to Install a New HVAC System?

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Whether you need to replace an old HVAC system or you are looking to install an HVAC system into your home for the first time, off-season months in the transitional seasons of fall and spring are ideal times of year to do so. Costs of HVAC systems are generally less expensive, and there is less demand for repair and installations making your wait time for service considerably shorter. In the Coachella Valley, you want to ensure that your cooling system is ready for summer before extreme temperatures settle in. Read on to understand the off-season advantage as well as telltale indications that it may be time to replace and install a new HVAC system in your home or office at any time of the year.

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Replacing your HVAC system off-season

Although typical advice is to assess your HVAC system in the off-season months either in fall or spring, In Southern California, hot temperatures can continue through early fall. This is why in the Coachella Valley, spring is the most ideal time of year to replace your HVAC system. In the months of March to early May, the weather is usually mild. Because many people do not need to cool or heat their homes extensively, HVAC system repair and replacement demand is low. In contrast, summer months are extremely busy months, and you may need to wait much longer to repair or replace your system, leaving you uncomfortable.

Retailers and manufacturers often lower HVAC systems prices in off-season months, and HVAC installation experts are tending to fewer appointments, giving you the upper hand with both cost and service. Without the pressure of needing immediate relief or having to wait a long time between assessment, repair, and/or replacement appointments, you can make cost-saving decisions that are best for you.

Indications it may be time to replace your HVAC system

Ideal seasonal installation or not, you should keep an eye (and ear) out for indications it may be time to install a new heating and cooling system. The sooner you can identify an issue, the sooner you can see if you can repair it, or need to replace it instead. Giving yourself ample time can also allow you to save and make a more informed decision.

Signs that you want to get your HVAC looked at include:

  1. Simple age: The general consensus for the time of replacement of HVAC systems is 10-15 years. Even if you feel as if your system is running fine after that time frame, you may want to consider replacing it sooner than later and save monthly energy costs. As well as avoid having to replace it at an unideal time if it breaks without the ability to repair.
  2. Higher than normal energy bills: with rising energy costs, this may be a difficult measurement. However, if you are following our guidance of seasonal checkups, it is easiest to determine your average energy costs when your HVAC system is not having to work on overload to keep you warm or cool. In the Coachella Valley, spring is the mildest season and when your HVAC system usually gets a break. If you are experiencing high energy costs even in our mild spring months, you may have a problem.
  3. Inability to properly regulate temperature: if your HVAC system is unable to maintain your designated temperature, you may be dealing with an older system in need of repair or replacement. This could indicate a full failure of the system, clogged vents or filters, or even a duct or insulation problem. It is best to contact a professional to determine the cause of the temperature imbalance.
  4. Loud noises when operating: The older your heating and cooling system is, the more likely it will make noise when regulating the internal temperature. This doesn’t mean you should ignore it! A whistling or rattling noise, for example, may mean low lubricant, and a simple maintenance call can fix it. However, loud noises when it is running—not just when turning on or off—could indicate a more serious problem.
  5. Strange odors: If you have experienced foul odors in your home that you are unable to trace, your HVAC system may be the culprit. Mold and mildew are the most common cause of odor and can sometimes be found growing in your ductwork. Additionally, duct leaks and mechanical issues can cause odd smells to emit from your HVAC system. If this issue is reoccurring even after maintenance calls, it is probably time to replace your whole system.
  6. High humidity when cooling: Malfunctions in your cooling system can cause the humidity in your home to rise. This is especially easy to notice in the dry, Coachella Valley climate. The inability to condense the humidity in the circulating air when cooling could mean malfunction with the refringent charge or the evaporator coils, or even a leak in your air ducts. Either way calls for a professional.
  7. Decrease in indoor air quality: If your HVAC systems filters are not doing their job, you probably have duct leaks that are blowing dust into your home when circulating cooled air. However, if there are too many holes or repairs to the ductwork needed, you may need to replace your HVAC system as a whole.
  8. Increase in maintenance costs: Regular maintenance is absolutely necessary with all HVAC systems new and old. However, if you find you are calling for repair multiple times a year, it may be time to retire your old system. This is especially important to do before extreme temperatures cause more strain on your current system.

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