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Why Have HVAC Prices Increased in 2022?

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The changes we are facing in 2022 are numerous, including changes in the supply of goods, food, and materials for a variety of professions. These supply shortages and delays in material delivery are some of the reasons why HVAC prices have increased in 2022. Not only are we experiencing major changes in how we do business and how we live our lives, but our current situation affects businesses processes worldwide. Despite these challenges, the HVAC experts at Earl’s Air Conditioning will continue to provide quality, affordable HVAC systems for our customers in Coachella Valley.

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5 Reasons HVAC Pricing Has Increased in 2022

Pricing increases in construction material, in general, affect the HVAC industry, but there are several reasons why our pricing has increased. At Earl’s Air Conditioning, we understand that your income, your children’s school environment, your work environment, or your personal life may be turned upside down. We know that increased pricing is not unique to the HVAC industry, so we are doing our best to handle the challenge with the lowest impact on how we provide services.

The main reasons why HVAC prices are increasing are:

  1. Raw material costs have skyrocketed due to limited supply and access to shipments from overseas. Some of the raw material shortages affecting the HVAC industry include lumber, steel, copper, and aluminum supply.
  2. Labor rates have increased due to factory labor shortages and changes in employee availability.
  3. Transportation and fuel costs have gone up due to changes in the oil industry, transportation labor shortages, and restrictions on travel.
  4. Manufacturer pricing increased as a direct effect of material cost increases, fuel prices rising, labor restrictions due to the pandemic, and laborer availability.
  5. There is a rise in demand for HVAC repairs, maintenance, and installation due to remote work and more residents staying home, which creates a supply shortage in all areas of the industry.

As you can see, home and business construction-related businesses (including HVAC) are greatly affected by the current situation worldwide. Our prices reflect all the pricing increases listed above, but we are doing what we can to continue offering affordable and reliable HVAC services. With decades of experience under our belts, we can overcome the challenges we face with confidence in our HVAC specialists, technicians, and customer service team.

Quality HVAC Installation in Coachella Valley

As more of our Coachella Valley neighbors are spending increased time at home, we know that service, maintenance, and installation needs will inevitably increase. The Earl’s Air Conditioning professionals are ready to handle what is to come in 2022. Overcoming obstacles is the hallmark of any thriving business, as it proves the company can stand the test of time.

We are happy to provide information and services to our new and existing customers as we all contend with drastic changes. The pricing increases may affect our material and labor costs, but they do not affect the quality of work or excellent customer service for which we are known. You can count on our team to be there when you need heating or cooling for your home or business.

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