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Mecca Mini-Split AC Installation

Mecca Mini-Split AC Installation

Mini Split Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Mecca

Mini-split air conditioning systems provide a ductless, energy-efficient alternative cooling option for Mecca residents. To determine if and what ductless air conditioning is right for you, several considerations such as home size and type, lifestyle and space use, and overall energy output budget should be weighed. Luckily, the professionals at Earl’s Air Conditioning can help!

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How do Mini-Split ACs work?

Demand for mini-split installation has grown in popularity due to its energy-saving advantages and customized usage. There are several premier models available to suit your personalized needs and home. But first, read on to learn how ductless air conditioning works!

Mini-split AC units, also called ductless ACs, have two main components: an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit. Because full sized air ducts are not used, an individual fan and evaporator unit is used for each room cooled. Each space, therefore, allows for separate control of each room or zone’s temperature. This process eliminates the wasteful cooling of unoccupied or underused rooms that central air conditioning requires. Depending on the model, mini-splits can also use programming and remote capabilities for an adaptable climate control system that works for you. At Earl’s Air Conditioning, programming and remotes are also included in your mini-split installation!

Because mini-split air conditioning is ductless, there is little structural damage to your home, offering an accessible option for residents in various homes and spaces. Installing a mini-split unit requires only a small hole (about three inches in diameter) to link the outdoor and indoor components. This also means less opportunity for air leakage, security concerns, and even potential pest problems.

Determining if Ductless Air Conditioning is Right for You

There are many factors that will establish if a ductless mini-split will work for you and your home. Earl’s Air Conditioning can help you decide it ductless AC is a right fit for you, depending on some of the following determinants:

  • You own a large home that is expensive to cool consistently
  • You have one or more rooms in your home that are not used regularly
  • You need a reliable cooling option for your rental investment property
  • You live in a house or apartment without existing ductwork
  • You need to cool a detached casita or guest house
  • You live in an older or remodeled home with poor insulation or air tightness
  • You don’t want an ineffective or noisy window unit
  • You need to control the temperature of rooms in your home differently
  • You want to save money on energy output

Once you decide on a mini-split air conditioning unit, installation is quick, easy, and customizable. Ductless air conditioning units can be mounted on ceilings or walls for a custom option and are even less visible and audible than other cooling options. Many mini-split models can also have several indoor air handlers connected to one outdoor unit. This means that each space or zone has its own thermostat for custom room-by-room cooling for maximum energy and cost efficiency – especially in comparison to central forced air systems.

An Energy-Saving Solution to Cooling Your Home

In Mecca, it is so important to have an efficient and reliable air conditioning system in place for both comfort and safety. To stave off the high energy costs often required to keep cool in the low desert heat, mini-splits are an excellent option. In fact, central cooling systems cause 25% loss of energy through their ductwork and that energy loss percentage does not even consider other factors such as having to cool unused spaces when using a central air system.

In contrast, mini-split AC units are energy efficient in their functionality and require minimal structural damage during installation. As a result, ductless air conditioning averages a 30% reduction in overall cooling costs over traditional central air systems. This is also due to usage customization, which eliminates wasteful cooling procedures in unused spaces. It is also because mini-split units can cool individual spaces faster, increasing their efficiency. Overall, you are able to control your energy output with custom zoned and room-by-room cooling, saving you money.

Your Mecca Mini Split Installation

The team at Earl’s Air Conditioning is dedicated to helping you find the best ductless AC option in Mecca. We want to make sure you are safe and comfortable in your home all year long. Our professionals will evaluate your space to determine if ductless AC is right for you: what model, installation placement, and programming options for your specific lifestyle and home or space. Installation is quick and simple, and typically requires only one visit. There are several premier models and installation approaches that will have you saving costs on energy output all while staying cool.


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