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Save on Costly Electric Bills: 3 Benefits of Room-by-Room Cooling Solutions

Ductless Air Conditioning for Coachella Valley Homes Heatwaves are nothing new to residents and business owners in Coachella Valley, so saving money on air conditioning solutions is at the forefront of all of our minds. Ductless, room-by-room cooling units allow individualized temperature control for each section of your structure, rather than circulating a single temperature … Continued

3 Benefits of Using a Bonded Contractor for AC Repair & Installation

What Does Bonded Mean? Employing a contractor that is licensed, insured, and bonded is important for both our confidence in their work as well as knowing that your home is protected. You may be unclear on what “bonded” means concerning HVAC work and any other contractor work. A bonded contractor has purchased a surety bond, … Continued

Does My HVAC System Qualify for IID or Federal Rebates?

Rebates and Incentives for Energy Efficient HVAC Systems Installing a new HVAC system is not only beneficial for your family’s comfort but also can benefit your pocket-book with federal and local rebates. Imperial Irrigation District offers rebates to residential customers who qualify with newly installed AC systems that are energy efficient and meet the rebate … Continued

Heat Pump Systems VS Traditional Split Systems

Knowledge is Power When Purchasing a New HVAC System Although heat pump systems and traditional split systems are both considered central HVAC because they transfer heat from inside to outside to control the temperature indoors, there are several differences. Traditional systems cost less to purchase and install, but heat pumps are more efficient reducing monthly … Continued

5 Benefits of RUUD Central Heat & Air

Energy Efficient and Low-Cost HVAC Products from RUUD At Earl’s Air Conditioning, we know the importance of energy efficiency and sustainable living for your Coachella Valley home. We offer the best in HVAC systems and we stand by the efficiency and comfort of the products we install. What sets RUUD products apart from the rest? … Continued

Can Indoor Air Quality Affect Susceptibility to Coronavirus?

Studies have shown that air pollution and poor air quality can increase susceptibility to developing more severe cases of COVID-19. This concern applies to indoor air quality too – in fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks to the public’s health. This is why … Continued

Why Your Heating & Air Conditioning System Could Be Worsening Springtime Allergies

What Causes Springtime Allergies? Springtime allergies are known as the causes of runny noses, itchy and watery eyes, scratchy throats, and difficulty breathing. The biggest trigger of springtime allergy symptoms is pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds. These plants release tiny grains to fertilize other plants, but the body views these grains as dangerous to … Continued

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